Travel In Style With Our V-Team Expert Sally Cullen

It’s that time of year again; your tickets are booked, you’ve bought your bikini & chosen a great read for the beach. Now all you have to do is figure out how to cram 2 weeks worth of stuff into a suitcase that weighs less than 20K!

If you’re anything like me this is a struggle to put it mildly. Especially as I love the idea of arriving at the airport stylishly composed rather than wearing all the clothes I couldn’t fit into my case and sporting the look of someone who’s been up all night trying to close my case with a wire coat hanger and a tub of vaseline!

It doesn’t have to be like this, I promise! First you need a plan. This is a cheeky one, but I like to fill my hold case up to the weight limit AND take hand luggage onto the plane with me. This way I get to take twice as many clothes ( little bit more if I get to sneak a pair of shoes into my husband’s case without him noticing!). A word of caution though; you are only allowed to take one item of hand luggage onto most planes so if you have a handbag as well be prepared to put it inside your hand luggage – clever huh? Also remember that most airlines have very strict size guides for cabin luggage; I love this Antler Flyweight Cabin case because it fits most cabin restrictions, it’s lightweight and roomy plus it’s sleek and stylish to boot!

Antler Flyweight Cabin Case


Now for the main event; the hold suitcase. There are lots to choose from so start by compiling a list of your priorities; this could be cost, capacity, weight, aesthetics, hard case or fabric, or even how easy it is to pick up & wheel around. Personally I like something with good looks and plenty of room for my collection of dresses. That’s why I’ve got my eye on the Eastpak Transfer Medium split wheeled luggage; it has a stunning floral print, it takes up to a whopping 78 litres and it has an outstanding 30 year manufacturers warranty. That takes some beating but has lots of choice and I also love the Antler Purelight Medium 4 wheel roller case which boasts a hard case, great choice of colours and a 62 litre capacity for all those lovely shoes!

Eastpak Transfer Medium Split Wheeled Luggage   Antler Purelite Medium 4 Wheel Rollercase

Now all you have to do it decide what to pack…good luck! x

28th July 2011
Written by Very_Lauren