Choosing the best MP3 Player

Having your own personal MP3 player can make quite a difference in your commute, work-out, or even just a spontaneous walk around town much more enjoyable. Having all of your favourite music that can create a soundtrack for your day just in your pocket is quite cool. But which one should you buy?

Apple ipod Touch
Apple 8Gb iPod Touch

No doubt a lot of you have iPhones, which you listen to your music on as it is a combination of a mobile phone and an iPod, however if you’re iPhone-less, I’d give the iPod Touch a go. It’s touchscreen, has all of the same apps as the iPhone, but just minus the phone bit. It’s quite a swish MP3 player to have, as it means you can go online, check your email and watch YouTube videos on it, too!

Philips 8Gb MP3 Player GoGear Ariaz
Philips 8Gb MP3 Player GoGear Ariaz

If you’re not a fan of iPods or using iTunes, there are some great alternatives to Apple products, such as the Philips 8Gb MP3 Player GoGear Ariaz. It has built-in speakers so you don’t just have to listen to your music through headphones, a 2.4 inch colour display so you can see the album artwork for whatever song you’re listening to, plus, you can use it as a dictaphone or make audio reminders for yourself as it has voice recording capabilities.

iPod Nano

iPods are no doubt the most popular and well-known MP3 players out there, and I’m personally a big fan of the iPod Nano. I’ve had quite a few different “generations” of the iPod Nano, and have never had any problems with it. This MP3 player is quite small so it fits perfectly into your pocket, but has a multi-touch screen, and even has a built-in FM radio so you can listen to your favourite morning breakfast show on your way in to work.

22nd August 2011
Written by Very_Lauren