Lights! Camera! Action!

Whether you are the next budding Spielberg, someone hoping to make it big on Youtube or simply looking to capture those precious memories, getting out the camcorder is fast becoming more and more popular.

Camcorders, it’s safe to say, have come a long way since those giant, clunky VHS-C devices that people used to lug around in the 70s and 80s. Instead of having huge cameras mounted on your shoulder, recording grainy footage onto clumsy tapes, today’s cameras can record HD quality video, add special effects and fit comfortably in your pocket.

Today, fuelled by the growth of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, digital camcorders have become increasingly popular. It has never been easier or cheaper to become a movie director and with some fantastic deals on camcorders at, you could join in the fun. Whether you’re filming a special occasion, some holiday memories or just your own video blog, check out one of these great gadgets!

First up, we have the Panasonic H85 80GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder. The 80GB hard drive is good for storing up to 74 hours of video footage and if that isn’t enough, you can stick in an additional SD or SDHC card for another 60 hours on top.

The 33mm wide angle Panasonic lens allows you to pull in really small details with its 78x zoom range, and an advanced image stabilisation system minimises blurring caused by camera shake during handheld shooting.

The Panasonic H85 also features a wide 2.7in LCD display that makes easy work of negotiating the menus and lining up your shots.

If quick-shots and the ability to upload to YouTube are more your priority, then this Toshiba P20 Digital Camcorder could be perfect for you.

Capable of full HD 1080p video capture, this 22mm thick camcorder is perfect for shooting movies on the go. The Camileo P20 features a 3in touch screen display for ease of use and intuitive menu navigation and can connect to your TV or computer via HDMI or USB connections.

You can also upload videos from the Camileo P20 directly to YouTube, Facebook and Picassa in just a few clicks by connecting it to you PC and using the upload button.

Finally, to really capture those memories in crystal clear clarity, take a look at the Sony CX115.

Beautifully portable but still capable of shooting stunning HD video footage you’ll treasure forever, the Sony CX115 camcorder gives you up to 13 hours of full HD recording that makes for stunning viewing on a large screen or your PC.

The 2.7 inch touch screen is a breeze to use, letting you navigate menus and settings easily and shoot great footage like a professional.

Using the AVCHD format, you can shoot in 1920 x 1280 pixels at 24MBps for stunning clarity that’s 5 times the quality of standard definition and camcorders Intelligent Auto mode makes easy work of making your videos look great, reading the shooting conditions and adjusting the settings to ensure the best results every time.

Those are just three camcorders from the great range at Whatever you are planning on shooting, make sure that you don’t miss a second of those all important memories.

22nd August 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

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