New Bathroom Trends

Now if you’re anything like me, you’ll feel there aren’t many things that can top a long soak in a hot bath – am I right?! The trouble is, instead of relaxing and letting the bubbles do their thing, I’m always looking around me thinking about how I could improve my bathroom space! If you’re the same way inclined or your bathroom is in dire need of an update then you’ve come to the right place because I’m all about bathrooms today.

Firstly don’t panic if you’re worried about the state of your bathroom suite. There’s nothing that can’t be improved upon and that even includes those seventies style avocado ones! Use your current colour scheme to guide you when choosing accessories and go for a contrasting or complimentary colour scheme. Then its just a question of starting with the basics such as towels. have a great line in Egyptian Cotton Bath Sheets which come in ten different shades and in all shapes and sizes including a jumbo bath towel to wrap yourself up in as snug as a bug in a…towel!

 Egyptian Cotton Bath Sheet


You’ll be needing a bath mat to match your towels and also have a lovely Christy Supreme Bath Mat which is made from Supima – the finest cotton grown in America, renowned for its long, silky yarns so it’s perfect for wet feet. You’ll also be looking for a place to keep all your laundry and this clever Lights and Darks Linen Bin does exactly what it says on the tin and keeps your clothes separate for an easy wash.

  Christy Supreme Bath Mat  Lights and Darks Linen Bin

One of my favourites for the bathroom has to be this Japanese Chrysanthemum 3-piece Accessory Set it features a gorgeous, delicate floral design and best of all the same pattern features on other bathroom products with the Japanese Chrysanthemum Shower CurtainJapanese Chrysanthemum Toilet Brush, and even a Japanese Chrysanthemum Toilet Seat so you can create a lovely united look.

 Japanese Chrysanthemum 3-piece Accessory Set Japanese Chrysanthemum Shower Curtain Japanese Chrysanthemum Toilet Seat

Finally if there’s one thing that I’d choose for my bathroom it’s this great Relax Ceramic Letters ornament  which appropriately enough spells out the word R E L A X, which is just what I intend to do at bathtimes from now on! x

 Relax Ceramic Letters

17th August 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Niesha Lemere 5 April 2013

Size it up! Most bath towel collections offer a variety of sizes to fit your space, budget and personal preference. Check out the chart below to see how each towel stacks up.^

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