Rachel Weisz Looks Casual And Content As Mrs Daniel Craig

Rachel Weisz  is back at work, looking relaxed, confident and effortlessly stylish. Probably the benefit of being married to one of the world’s sexiest stars – James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

As she walked through the airport on the way to America, Rachel looked lovely in a lightweight flying outfit of a loose t-shirt, jeans and sandals. Despite the casual look of this outfit, each piece looks stylish with the t-shirt a gorgeous cream colour, the jeans a perfect fit and the sandals comfortable but pretty thanks to the leather thong..

Someone give her an award for an A’list airport look!.

So what’s Rachel up to right now? Very can exclusively reveal she seems to be spending most of her time with her husband.

The pair got married in June after a whirlwind romance and share a house together in North London.

However, for the next month they’ll be working together as they promote the movie they worked together on, Dream House. So far, there’s no sign of them getting sick of each other despite spending lots of time in each other’s presence. Bless!

Mind you, Daniel would be a foolish man if he grew tired of his beautiful wife. Even when she’s walking through the airport she looks gorgeous.

After this, he’ll have to share her with Matt Damon as Rachel’s been cast in the Bourne Legacy. We’re more used to seeing her in highbrow serious roles like The Constant Gardener, so it will be a refreshing change for her to take on something more commerical…plus give her a break from spending 24 hours a day with her husband.

Talking of breaks, if you’re planning one soon then you can learn from Rachel’s airport attire.

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Good luck to Rachel and Daniel! May the married bliss last as it’s done her the world of good.

8th August 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin