V-Team Cate’s Top 5 Techie Must-Haves

Technology is a beautiful thing, and I love it (when it works) because it makes my life so much easier. When I met with all of the lovely Very fans at our three V-Style Academy events in Bristol, Brighton and London I described five amazing gadgets that can simplify your life.

However, gadgets and technology can make your life a heck of a lot more fun, too. Technology can include seemingly frivolous products as technology and electronics are everywhere! They’re in our kitchens, our handbags, and even our bathrooms – so here are five gadgets and bits of technology that I know will bring a bit of fun and excitement to your life!

Motorola Xoom Tablet

Motorola Xoom Tablet PC

Tablets aren’t just alternatives to laptops or for getting work done on your commute to work – they’re also about fun and entertainment! With the Xoom, you can play fun games like Angry Birds (who doesn’t love Angry Birds?!) watch hours of videos, shoot your own HD videos, see what your friends are up to on Facebook and Twitter, and spend hours surfing the web. The Xoom is definitely a fun piece of kit when you’re looking for a bit of entertainment.

Samsung 14mp DualView Digital Camera

Samsung 14 Megapixel DualView Digital Camera PL120 - Pink (buy and SAVE!)


I’m not always a fan of pink gadgets, but having a pink little point-and-shoot to always have in your handbag will prove to be very useful on many a night out. The best part of this camera is that it has a nifty Dual Display feature that allows you to take self portraits (hello, Facebook!) or to take photos of you and your girlfriends when you’re out on the town. Digicams don’t always have to be so serious and professional, they can also just be for taking snaps of the fun you have in your everyday life!

Kenwood Ice Cream Maker

Kenwood Ice Cream Maker IM200

Whether it’s the heat of summer or cool of winter, you can’t beat homemade ice cream. Making ice cream yourself used to be quite difficult, but with new technology, making ice cream with something like the Kenwood Ice cream Maker is easy as pie. Just think of how impressed your friends will be when they come round for dinner and you’ve prepared your own rocky road ice cream for them!

Hot Lips Telephone

 Hot Lips Telephone

I’m sure my V-Team member Sally would agree that bringing a bit of personality in to the decor of your home is very important, and I absolutely love this Hot Lips Telephone! While many of us hardly use our home phone anymore, a lot of broadband and TV packages insist that you still have one, so why not make it a super cute one like this? See? Technology doesn’t have to be boring, chrome and masculine looking – it can be fun, if not downright flirty.

MySpa Foot Spa

MySpa Foot Spa HL-150

I was given a foot spa for my birthday this year, and I absolutely love it. There is absolutely nothing better than coming home, kicking off those high-heels and soaking your feet into one of these bad boys. It has an acu-pressure massage surface, bubbles, and a heater that helps to keep the water warm. Seriously, these products are heaven. Hooray for technology, eh? x

23rd August 2011
Written by Very_Lauren