How To Do 1940s Ladylike Chic

The 1940s were an era of delightful femininity in female fashion. It celebrated women’s hourglass silhouette with the focus fully on a nipped in waist. There were two trends in skirt shapes. The early forties were more about slim skirts as it was wartime and rationing included fabrics too. By 1947 prosperity was returning to the upper classes and for them Christian Dior created The New Look. The silhouette was very dramatic as the bust was accentuated and the skirt was very full, often using yards and yards of fabric. To achieve a modern take on Ladylike Chic it is wise to remember that 1940’s ladies are demure and reserved so keep your skin covered except for calves and arms, with maybe a hint of décolletage. Less is most definitely more when one is channelling this trend.

South’s Ponteroma Belted Dress is perfectly 40’s in silhouette and also has a beautiful cowl neck detail. This is a dress that will be flattering for all body shapes and is ideal for work or an event where you need to be dressed smartly. Accessorise with some Love Label Mushnik Feather Trim Velvet Shoes and a Beatnik Velvet Bag.

South Ponteroma Belted Dress  Love Label Mushnik Feather Trim Velvet Shoes   Beatnik Velvet Bag

A slightly more relaxed 40s look is the tea dress which usually comes in ditsy floral fabrics and polka dots. Polka dots are going to be huge this season (see Marc Jacobs AW11 collection) and I predict you’ll still be wearing them next summer too. I’ve found a lovely South Frill Tea Dress that can be worn with a cardigan draped over the shoulders. How about this Holly Willoughby Spot Cardigan? Yes, double spots!

South Frill Tea Dress   Holly Willoughby Spot Cardigan

In separates go for demure blouses like this kooky bird print Love Label Bird Print Peter Pan Vintage Blouse. I heart this so much I got one myself. Wear it with a pencil skirt or tucked into tapered trousers, preferably in sand, like these Love Label Turn Up Tapered Trousers with Belt.  If you find ladylike heels crippling then wear with brown loafers like these Love Label Orin Leather Brogue Detail Loafers and unleash your inner Land Girl.

Love Label Bird Print Peter Pan Vintage Blouse  Love Label Turn Up Tapered Trousers with Belt  Love Label Orin Leather Brogue Detail Loafers

Love Kirsty x

21st September 2011
Written by Very_Lauren