Miss KG Hamiltons – This Weeks Very HQ Shoe Star!

Ok so – we didnt exactly pap someone in the office wearing these beauties to work (not with billy wind carrying on the way it is!) But – we do have a fashion P.A.R.T.Y to attend tonight, so we were chatting outfits, outfits, outfits when one buyer uttered the words “wait till you see the bling i’ve got in my overnight bag!”

We were expecting some chandelier earrings, maybe a gorge cluster ring or some juicy jewels of the glistening variety when these Miss KG beauties were unveiled before our eyes! Cue the camera!


Standing in the Very HQ Shoe Star spotlight this week are the Miss KG Hamilton Jewelled Platform Shoes and here are some of the reasons we (seriously) love them!

1. They’re sparkly and try as we might – we cant resist the power of the sparkle 

2. The platform heel means they’re high, so we’ll feel all lovely long and tall – but they’re easy to walk in! So when the girlies ask the question “how do you walk in those?” you can say (as smug as you like!)  “they’re soooooooooo comfy” WINNER! 

3. Black is huge right now (think wet look leggins, full on leather trews or black skinnies) and what better way to add some showy shine to an outfit than with these glittering glamazons?

They’re flamboyant and flashy and most definitely a car to bar kind of shoe – but the beauty of them is, they’ll spruce up the most simple of outfits, letting your tootsies do the talking. Team with textured blacks or go wild with a sequined top and you absolutely can not go wrong!

Vila Glenda Sparkle Top £50.00
South Wet Look Leggings £15.00

Miss KG – we salute you!

OK – we’re off to talk outfits again! check back next week to see which shoes made it into the Very HQ Shoe Star spolight x

15th September 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Gabbie 13 October 2011

Fab fab fab I want!!