Nicole Scherzinger Talks Solo Style

It doesn’t take much to work out why super hot Nicole Scherzinger got a job on the judging panel of US X Factor. Her outfits are stunning!

Even when she’s walking casually through Heathrow airport, you can’t help but notice Nicole. She’s not wearing anything nearly as revealing as what she’d wear on stage, but the way she matches a simple cream dress with a soft leather jacket looks classy and sophisticated.

There’s no flying in jogging bottoms and tracksuits for this glamorous star!

The ex-Pussycat Doll is in the UK to promote her new solo single, Wet – the fourth single from her debut album Killer Love. Her second single Don’t Hold Your Breath reached number one in the UK singles chat while the other two got number 3 so the pressure is on.

Very has an exclusive interview with the stunning singer to find out how she’s feeling and her fashion inspiration. If you want to learn what inspires her, read on below:

QS: How would you describe your fashion sense?
NICOLE: “I grew up in the theatre, so it’s fun to get glammed up for a performance in clothes that you wouldn’t wear on the street. When I’m onstage, I make sure my costume has a rock edge to it with leather, or something blinged-out and with sequins for that diva aspect — like the greats Diana Ross and Tina Turner — to keep it funky and cool.

QS: What about when you’re not working?
NICOLE: In my day-to-day life, I’m much more of a boho chick — flowy skirts and or jeans and white t-shirts with hats — I love hats.”

QS: Has your fashion sense changed much over the years?

NICOLE: Absolutely! I was a geek at school, super conservative and preppy. Now when I perform, my outfits are so sexy I am sewn into my catsuits. What happened to sweet Nicole?  In fact, I cried when I saw my first Pussycat Doll costume. It was my first photo shoot, and I wasn’t used to wearing clothes like that.

QS: Do you feel more pressure to look good as a solo singer rather than when you were with the Pussycat Dolls?
NICOLE: Yes, it’s different going solo, because I had the Pussycat Dolls to fall back on for a lot of stuff. With PCD you have the camaraderie of four other girls. That’s your team, you’re a gang — that gives you extra superpowers, extra confidence, onstage. But now, as a solo artist, I have to bring it all on my own and make sure that I’m doing music that’s true to me, with great performances where I connect to the audience. And of course, I have to dress up to get noticed in short suits, jumpsuits and lots of leather.

QS: Are there any famous women you find inspiring?
NICOLE: I am honoured to be working with Paula Abdul. She’s such an icon, I used to sleep in a Paula Abdul nightshirt. Growing up, I listened to a Whitney Houston cassette tape until it was worn out.

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We can’t wait to see Nicole and her stylish outfits on the US X Factor soon!

7th September 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin