Skin Care by V-Team’s Ginni

Summer has gone and staring out the window I see nothing but dull, grey clouds and looking in the mirror my skin also has lost its summer sheen!  I decide to take action and bring back my summer natural glow.

Step 1:

Cleanse and tone ! It’s really important that you use the right product for your skin type and below are some of my favourite products.


Your skin texture is velvety and the pores are small. I would recommend using Decleor Cleansing Milk and tone with Decleor Toning Lotion.

Decleor Cleansing Milk   Decleor Toning Lotion


Your skin has enlarged pores with shiny patches. Frequent breakouts may occur so cleansing is essential to remove the bacteria. An amazing set specifically for this type of skin is the Gatineau Cleanse and Peel Collection – Oily/Combination. Also try using Gatineau Sebo Regulating Concentrate AMAZING!!!

Gatineau Cleanse and Peel Collection - Oily/Combination  Gatineau Sebo Regulating Concentrate 30ml


Your skin has small invisible pores with possible dry and itchy patches so I think you can’t beat Burt Bees Radiance Healthy Glow Kit.

Burts Bees Radiance Healthy Glow Kit


Your skin is oily on the T-Zone and dry around the cheeks. Check out ROC 2 Piece Set that includes 200ml Tonic Lotion and 200ml Cleansing Lotion.

ROC 2 Piece Set Includes; 200ml Tonic Lotion and 200ml Cleansing Lotion


Step 2

Exfoliate twice a week.

Now I always been a fan of Microdermabrasion but it’s always been a bit pricey and you always have to book a course. Well, now Skin Doctors have brought out a home system with the Skin Doctors Power Abrasion Kit that combines both microdermabrasion and Hydroxy acid exfoliation. It gently removes dull lifeless skin to reveal the fresh new skin beneath after the first use my pores are visibly smaller and my skin is glowing.  It’s a great investment.

Skin Doctors Power Abrasion Kit

Step 3

Moisturise and invest in an eye cream!

I actually love Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Cream as it’s a light-weight natural moisturiser easily absorbed into the skin and is suitable for nearly all skin types. If your Skin is very dry you might need a heavy duty moisturiser or oil.  I recommend Bio Oil, it’s a miracle oil, you can use it everywhere, a little goes a long way.

Burts Bees Radiance Day Creme 55 g   Bio Oil 60ml

The eye cream for me is Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum as it’s fantastic and after pampering your skin it’s essential to protect your skin from the harmful uv rays with a SPF. Yes, even in the winter!  And I can’t believe this amazing Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20 evens out skin tone and smooths out wrinkles. It’s truly like a mini face lift and it has a spf of 20 which is such a clever idea and can be used alone or with foundation…

Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum 15ml  Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20

Be kind to your skin… it will benefit and the compliments will come rolling in….. diet and excercise also help so a jog around the park will also enhance and give you a healthy glow. I should practice what I preach. Just off for a jog now !!

Love Ginni x

21st September 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Ilvi 18 May 2014

If you have insurance, you shulod consider obtaining a consultation with the dermatologist and seeking prescriptions for some washes like Plexion and perhaps a topical retinoid like Retina-Micro. These would both help with acne, and the retinoid would also help reduce oiliness and pore size. Microdermabrasion does help improve skin texture, but the results are usually just temporary (and doesn’t provide long-term relief from acne). Laser treatments can also help to improve the appearance and texture of the skin — but they are expensive and multiple treatments are required. The only effective light/laser treatment for acne is BlueLight/ClearLight. Other types of laser treatments for acne don’t have conclusive long-term results — however, treatments like PDL (pulse dye laser) will help to reduce the marks from scars. Multiple treatments will be required, however. As you can see, there are many types of light/laser treatments, and you need to first receive a consultation from an experienced dermatologist to get the best treatment from you.

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