Vogue’s Fashion Night Out 2011

Last night was Vougue’s Fashion Night Out. Roads were closed,  the carpets were rolled out and shoppers, models, celebrities, bloggers and all types of fashionistas  flocked to the west end to get a piece of the action (myself included or course). FNO had shoppers in high spirits as the extravaganza began. The streets were filled with the young and old, all dressed to impress.

On South Molten street, crowds were slowly gathering. Shops had rolled out the VIP treatments, ques were starting to form and the streets were infused with a general buzz. Many stores were offering discounts and freebies whilst designers were launching new collections.

Bond Street was the life of the party, designer shops went all out.  Once I had got past the crowds I ventured into Mulberry. Mulberry sure knows how to throw a party. Drinks, check! Nibbles, check! Fortune Teller? CHECK! Nail painters? CHECK! and to top it off, Mulberry had implanted a large mushroom at the front of the store where a photographer was on hand to take your professional picture! Although with all this happening, it was a quite a struggle to get a glimpse of product.
Fashion Night Out Tshirts

Vogue Fashion Night Out T-shirts were being sold in pop up shops along the street. An array of spray paints, ribbons and accessories were laid out allowing customization (how cute!).

American brand Coach opened its first European flagship store on Bond Street last night. Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow (the face of coach) was joined by vogue editor Alexandra Shulman for the opening. Unfortunately I did not get a glimpse of her, having said that if I did, I probably would of fainted!

Hermes - Lucky Winners

Hermes probably had the longest queue of all, it sure turned a few heads. However, the lengthy que was not for the store, but for a competition they were holding inside a van! The Game was to roll a bracelet down a selection of boxes, hoping that it will land in the helmet at the end. As simple as that! Winners walked away with a goodie bag containing a mysterious product! I personally thought this was a marvellous idea! Anyone could get stuck in, people walked away happy and most of all it attracted SO MUCH attention(I wish I could of played!).

Yasmin and Kyla La Grange gave an open air performance which added nicely to the atmosphere. Further along down the road, a choir from KidsCo suddenly made the vibe very Christmas like (they were so cute!).

Dior had a cab as a photbooth
DKNY had a show stealing New York cab

Designer stores went to great lengths to attract the shoppers. Dior opted for the classic London cab which was turned into a photobooth, perfect for re-creating that glamorous ‘just stepping out of the taxi’ moment. On the other hand, DKNY stayed true to the brands roots and went for a New York style cab, standing outside the store it felt like I had been teleported to New York! Big thumbs up for both brands marketing tactics!

que at Alexander McQueen

Elbows at the ready in Alexander McQueen, as shoppers waited in line, hoping to receive one of the Fashions Night Out keys. Keys contain a different code which, when entered into their website, could make you the winner of a new Folk Tote bag.

I then wondered down to Covent Garden. For the first time, FNO reached Covent Garden. The Piazza, Seven Dials and St Martin’s Courtyard joined in the shopping festivities and made this the largest Fashion’s Night Out in history!


This year, VERY are proud sponsors of Fashion Fringe 2011 so I headed to the Fashion Fringe 2011 samplesale.  Previous winners were selling their past collections at discount prices, I had my eye on a pair of Jena.Theo shorts but they were far too small unfotunately! (NOT FAIR! boohoo…)

Fashion Fringe Finalists Catwalk


Next stop was the Piazza in Covent Garden.
Premier Models had set up a stand. Not only scouting for girls but also selling t-shirts (which came with a goody bag full of makeup) for a charity cause. As guessed, the cast from Channel 4s The Model Agency were all present, as was a few members from hit reality TV show Made in Chelsea. Red and white wine was being sipped, cones of fish and chips were being munched on, music was extra loud, everyone was having a great time.

What else?

Designers Jonathan Saunders, Roksanda Ilincic, Peter Pilotto and more where at Harvery Nichols setting up their T-Shirt customizing shop, Amber le bon was dj’ing at Nicole Farhi and Matthew Williamson launched his eagerly awaited diffusion range.

Whats hot?

There was all kinds of fashion last night, from the prim and proper to the casual grunge. Shoppers stepped out in style.

Casually Chic

I loved this pair of shoppers, their laid back style was effortlesasly chic. For Fall 2011, ACNE sent its models walking down the runway dressed in slouchy/oversized off the shoulder knits. These girls have got it spot on. Click HERE to check out the large selection of slouchy knits we have at VERY.

Gothic Girl

The Gothic look is a HUGE trend this coming Autumn/Winter.  This shopper had it all, long flowing skirt, strong big black boots, black leather jacket and dark purple lips. What’s not to love?

Prints Parade

I spotted these two girls rocking their prints, I think they look uber cute and cool at the same time. Prints will be huge this season, especially polka dots, stars and ethnic.

So, thats a round up of this years Fashion Night Out. I personally LOVE the whole concept and really do hope it happens more often. Fashion should be celebrated all year round, not just once a year! Who agrees?

Love from Suzi


9th September 2011
Written by Very_Rachel