Week 1 Diary – Suzi Tse

Hi all!

This week has been a whirlwind! I can’t believe it has been over a week already! I have been extremely fortunate to be involved with many great projects.

I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday up in Liverpool where a lot of filming was happening. We had V Team style expert Kirsty Drury with us, recording new material for the VERY website. This is all due to go LIVE soon. I am super excited to see the final outcome. Not only did I get a first hand experience with filming in a studio. I also got to learn many things from Kirsty, It was great receiving insider expert advice. From posture, to speech and styling, Kirsty had it spot on and watching her work her magic was truly inspiring.

On Wednesday evening I attended the Fashion Fringe Finalist 2011, I have already blogged about the evening in which you can see HERE. Again, another lovely experience, meeting new faces, getting insider tips and tricks. It really is a difficult time for Fashion Designers at the moment,  so it was great to see new talented designers being supported by the industry.

Mini Fish & Chips at the Vogue Fashion Night Out event, cute!

Thursday night was another event, as you may know it was the infamous VOGUE Fashion Night Out, in which I have also blogged about HERE. The streets were full of fashionista’s, the retailers rolled out the VIP treatment and the west end was turned into a big party, for one night only. It was a great experience and anyone who missed out? definitely catch it next year.

Friday was a day of writing posts about the two events. It was also my first time at the London office, I got to meet the designers who are all super lovely and friendly. The office is also situated on Regent Street, super convenient but bad for the wallet, my wallet hates the thought  of  lunch and home time eek!

I also had a great weekend, my first time trying Mango Beer with friends, surprisingly delicious! Now I am all refreshed for another great week ahead of me . Hope you all had a fantastic week!

Love from,

Suzi x

14th September 2011
Written by Very_Rachel

Posted by: Josie 14 September 2011

Hi, recently worked as a Make-up Artist on the Very V-Team Event – 4 catwalk shows in London,Brighton & Bournemouth. Would love to be involved with Very again. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Josie 🙂