Win the Carvela Cuties from the Very HQ Wardrobe!

Teetering through the Very HQ wardrobe this morning we stumbled across these high heeled Carvela beauties….

Just once glance of these Carvela Auction Cigarette Court Shoes and a couple of things happened (in this particular order!):

1. We stopped, dead in our tracks

2. Jaws hit the floor

3. Heads tilted to the side as we let out an “ooooooooh”

4. We tried them on, strutted about and felt super tall, super amazing and super in love for all of 5 (ok..10!) minutes.

That’s when the guilt set in. How could we keep these beautiful shoes all to ourselves? How could we hide the the 5 inch super heel, the plush suede fabric and the gorgeous hint of animal print on the heel especially knowing just how amazing you feel whilst you’re wearing!

So, being the kind hearted bods that we are – we asked our fans on Facebook to vote in a game of Keep or Give. The more comments we got telling us to give, then we”d release these size 7 Carvela lovelies from the wardrobe and out into the big wide world. The more comments telling us to keep and well, we’d just have to keep them (poor us!)

Very Fans voted and the result was unanimous – GIVE

If you voted – leave a comment here, telling us how you’d wear yours and we’ll contact the winner by email Tomorrow

Good lucky Very Fans x

8th September 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Carley cooper 8 September 2011

These shoes are so sexy I’d wear them with nothing else but my birthday suit!! Lol I think my husband would be extremely grateful to very if I won!!! 🙂 xxxx

Posted by: Kathy Wilson 8 September 2011

I’d wear them doing the housework, then maybe my hubby will feel sorry for me and take me out somewhere nice so I could wear my LBD and the lovely shoes.

Posted by: Rachelle Bell 8 September 2011

Size 7 = My size it must be fate!
The leopard print and suede combo is just lovely, I’d wear them with my new long-sleeve cream lace dress! I think they would look perfect together 🙂