BLU-RAY – Our Family Top Picks

As you all probably know by now I have a very busy household that numbers 7 in total -excluding the two spoilt kitties and numerous pet birds!

Finding things to do that we all agree upon can be hard especially when my children range from 3 to 16 in age.

One thing we all do enjoy together is Sunday movie day, when dad dishes up one of his Sunday roasts we enjoy our movie of the week.  We all take it in turns to pick a movie to watch – right down from daddy to our youngest daughter Honey aged 3.

Since I treated them all to a big fancy 3D TV –they are enjoying Sunday movie day even more so I thought we would share some of our Favourite Blu-ray Movie Picks.




Mike loves anything featuring Adam Sandler and his all time movie favourite has to be You don’t Mess with the Zohan !

  The first time we watched this I didn’t know if I should hide under the sofa or die from laughing, a tribute to all things Jewish this film is close to Mikes heart after living in Israel for 12 years.  Zohan leaves his violent past behind to live his dream in America –as a hairdresser! All I can say is you may never think of the hairdressers in the same light again and you may also think twice before leaving your best friend alone with your mom! As always Adam Sandler shines in this film- a must have for your comedy collection.

My Pick

It’s no secret that my favourite hobby besides fashion is travelling, the hotter the better in fact!

I love anything that is set abroad and one of my favourite shows at the minute is An Idiot Abroad as I take great pleasure in watching poor Karl being set up for another squeamish task. His bearded Lady Boy look this week was particularly funny but I’m pleased to say he took it so well!




A typical teenager apart from her unusual collection of exotic birds, Willow is just like any other teenage girl and is most known for her major strop if we dare interrupt her weekly Glee fest!

 If your daughter is A Glee freak too then you may want to check out the whole collection here– just have your credit card ready! I may add that Willow is also a great lover of anything involving Vampires, Delightful!


Usually a mere mention of the word doctor is enough for my children to make a swift recovery from which ever mystery Monday morning illness they are for suffering. For Will though the doctor has only one meaning! A true Dr Who addict this lad spends half his year eagerly waiting for the next series to hit the TV. Normally full of beans and can’t sit still, William is immobilised when Dr Who comes on and a pin could be heard dropping as the Dr takes centre stage!


Blossom Is the Drama queen of the family and loves to sing dance and dress up at any opportunity, any film that offers her the chance to dance is always going to be a winner with Blossom!

She absolutely adores Mamma Mia and knows it virtually word for word but any movie with a good soundtrack will have her singing along happily. The Lion King fits the bill nicely, and the 3D version is sure to be a hit with the whole family!


Toy Story 3

New in and  3D- need I say more? This is going to be on everyone’s Christmas list and I know without a doubt Phoenix will be jumping for joy if he finds this in his stocking! I don’t think there is anyone young or old that doesn’t fail to appreciate Toy Story, and the 3D version just adds to the magic that only Disney can create. An absolute winner and bound to sell like hot cakes!



She may be the baby of the family but Honey still has her say when it comes to Movie Sunday.

Like all tots she loves anything animated and preferably featuring an animal or two!

Honey adores Bambi and she’s got good taste- my favourite Disney movie of all time, those huge melting eyes of Bambi are sure to bring out the soft side in all of us.

13th October 2011
Written by Very_Lauren