Diana Vickers for VERY

In May 2011, X Factor Starlet Diana Vickers joined forces with us and unveiled her debut collection named DEE V,  a reflection of her personal eclectic and quirky style. Inspired by the 1960s, vintage pieces and with a spot of retro elements, the collection was a huge hit. My personal favourite being the Doggy Print Playsuit, really cute and playful. Wear alone during warmer weather then pair it with tights during the colder seasons. A perfect transitional piece.


I am lucky enough to have met her during LFW. Diana is a super sweet girl, just how you imagine her to be.  I was lucky enough again, to go behind the scenes at her recent commercial shoot in London. Ushered behind a small white door was a sea of cameramen, assistants and partners.

The commercial was to be shot in a bedroom environment. Story being Diana herself and three of her best friends getting ready for a night out, I am sure all you ladies can relate to the scenario. During the 30second clip, Diana will not only showcase pieces from her own collection but she will also be offering some quick style tips.


Actors in place and Diana all ready, cameras started rolling. Wearing her very own Dee V 70s inspired Jumpsuit  and Leather Jacket, Diana gave a great performance and it was clear to see that Diana was a natural. Eager to see the ad? Join our Facebook page to see a special preview of the final clip. Alternatively, see Diana’s behind the scene clip Behind the Scenes

In the meantime, visit our VERY website to have a peek at the DEE V collection. My absolute favourite is this Knitted Fur Trim Dress, very Chanel esqe. This dress can be worn during the day or night, It looks super luxurious and expensive. How to wear it hear you ask? Pair with a pair of wedged boots by day and sparkly heels by night. Fabulous!


Some pieces from the DEE V range are currently on sale, a great time to top up that Autumn wardrobe and save money whilst doing it. RESULT!

Diana is going from strength to strength, with her very own clothing line and music career, Diana steps into the spotlight again as she recently revealed via TWITTER that she had penned Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez’s latest single, Mouth2Mouth which is due out next month.

14th October 2011
Written by Very_Rachel

Posted by: jhnoy 24 October 2011

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