Gadget Love: The Samsung Galaxy S2 in White

Like with most do with clothes, I have a tech wish list. There are so many fantastic and fabulous gadgets out there at the moment that I have a running list of all of the techy bits and bobs I long to call mine.

There are a lot of seriously cool mobile phone out at the moment, but the one I have my eye on the most is the new Samsung Galaxy S2, in white!

Lightweight but sturdy, the Galaxy S2 has a swish 4.27 inch touchscreen, and runs on the latest version of Android for mobiles. I love downloading apps and games, and if this phone were mine I would immediately download apps like Tweetdeck and picplz so I could take photos of whatever I was doing and share it immediately with my followers. (Even though most of the photos I’d tweet would probably be of whatever food I was eating. Exciting stuff!)

The Galaxy S2 uses 18% less energy than the previous Galaxy phone, making it one of  longest lasting smartphones available – plus, it has an 8 megapixel camera, so I can take photos with a high enough quality to post on my blog. Even better, the camera has an LED flash, so I can take photos even in low lighting conditions.

This phone is lightweight, long-lasting, gorgeous and packed full of power, what’s not to like?

Love Cate x

7th October 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

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