Nicola Roberts Shares Her Style Secrets

Nicola Roberts is one of the most experimental celebrities when it comes to fashion and when she gets it right she gets it spot on.

Yes, there may have been some risky choices like printed jumpsuits and long droopy jumpers, but this peplum dress flatters her frame. It gives the impression of curves as it flows out over her hips creating a gorgeous hourglass silhouette. The way she accessories with lots of gold brings it up to date, keeping it suitable for a cool girl about town rather than something you’d wear to a smart business meeting.

It seems Nicola is growing into her style, finding out what suits her rather than what gets attention..for the wrong reasons.

Very exclusively caught up with the star during London Fashion Week to find out what interests her when it comes to fashion. Read our mini-interview below:

QS: How important is fashion for you?

NICOLA: “Even if I’m half an hour late, I still can’t leave the house if I don’t like what I’m wearing. I’d rather be late than feel rubbish about what I’ve got on. If I feel good in a dress or a jumpsuit then I’m sorted for the day.”

QS: How has your style changed since you went solo?

NICOLA: “In Girls Aloud we always had a choice, [of what to wear] but obviously we were a band so I had to be a team player. Now I can really experiment and I wear a lot more colour.”

QS: How would you define your personal style?

NICOLA: “I would define my style as dressing to how I feel. No rules. I think we all change and we learn what we like and what we don’t. In six months time I’ll probably be completely different to how I am now. You dress to the seasons so for Autumn I’ve got a few maxi skirts and tunics and I’m just dressing to match the mood.”

QS: Is there one item you couldn’t live without right now?

NICOLA: “A leather jacket is ideal for Autumn as you can wear it with anything.”

QS: Have you ever made any fashion blunders?

NICOLA: I used to always wear jeans, T-shirts and tracksuits because I was narrow-minded about fashion. We all just wore tracksuits where I’m from. A big blunder was not having balls with what I wanted to wear. Use your imagination with fashion, it can really change your mood for the day and bring things out in your personality you didn’t know were there. Try colour and accessories.”

Nicola’s got a fabulous attitude – let’s follow her lead and try something new and gorgeous this Autumn. She’s all about the accessories so start by getting a similar necklace like the French connection 2 way torque gold colour necklace

It looks best with a simple dress if you want a statement. The Love Label knitted bodycon dress will also get you noticed as its designed to flatter all your curves

Or if you’d prefer something more elegant try the South 60s retro a-line dress

Or the French Connection sargent knitted dress is a great option for a busy day of running around town as it’s both sumptuous on the skin and stylish to the eye

Now all you need is a wild bag to finish the look in style. The Ri2k leather leopard flap satchel will hold all you need for a day out and about and you can hold it by the top if it gets to heavy to hoist over your shoulder.

Nicola’s debut solo album Cinderella’s Eyes came out on Monday 26 September. Good luck, Nic!

7th October 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin