Pampering Time!

It’s 6am – you jump into the shower, wash your hair, blow dry, quick slap of makeup and off you go, without even a second thought to the towels thrown across the bathroom floor or the threadbare dressing grown slung over the side of the bath. We spend so much time in the bathroom – don’t try to deny it, we do! – so why do we never think of it as a space for luxury and pampering? At Very HQ, we were fed up of our grotty toothbrush holders and beauty products, so we’ve put together a selection of the best bits for turning your dull, old bathroom into a haven for girliness.

Starting with the basics, chuck out those grey towels and opt for something far more heavenly: these black cotton towels from the Diamante Towel Range with a subtle hint of glamour in the cute diamante border. Continue the elegant black and white theme with this Diamante Ceramic 3-piece Accessory Set, which will look a lot more sophisticated than any plastic set! Monochrome themes are great for small spaces as they keep the look streamlined and uncluttered, and you can afford to choose quirky or detailed pieces without losing the overall look.

One of the most important parts of any bathroom is the mirror: we’ve got to look our best, right? This Juliette Mirror combines a simple black finish with ornate floral detailing, and is a great size for all sorts of bathroom pampering – whether it’s concentrating on those eyeliner flicks or volumising your hair. If you’ve got the space, a small footstool or chair looks great in the bathroom; we love this Aztec Faux Leather Storage Footstool, with interior storage. Fab for towels and for perching on whilst painting your nails! Make it even comfier with this cool Metropolis Deluxe Cushion, in a detailed but stylish black and white print.

The best bit of any luxury makeover are the products, and having beautiful products in pretty packaging always makes you feel super feminine. The Love Label Beauty Blockbuster, containing everything you need to look glamourous, comes in a cute clutch-style case. Combined with the ultra-slinky collection of fragrances in the Agent Provocateur Gift Set, you’ll smell sweet – and look sweeter! For a delicious  bathtime, try out these gorgeous Sweetie Cupcake Fizzers that melt in the water, creating loads of lovely bubbles. Finally, don’t forget to indulge yourself with a super soft and luxurious bathrobe. We’ve got a fabulous range to choose from, but our favourite is definitely the Sorbet Satin Kimono Robe. With its purple, black and white tones, and adorable butterfly print, wear this in your luxurious new bathroom and you’ll feel completely pampered.

6th October 2011
Written by Very_Lauren