Suzi Diary – Week 3

Its that time of the week again! Time for me to let you all know what I have been up to, well where do I start? I have been very busy indeed. In between writing blog posts travelling to Liverpool and attending meetings, some special things have been going on.

TRAINING: A couple of weeks ago, I attended a SEO training course, all to do with technical web based stuff which was interesting. Opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and equipped me with plenty of knowledge, taught me to not underestimate the power of keywords.

PHOTO SHOOT: I also had a photo shoot. The story behind the photo shoot was my work wear, basically what I wear to work! It was super fun, my first experience with professional photography. The story will be part of a This Week In Fashion feature which I can’t wait to show you all! One shot was outside in the freezing cold but it was worth it, you will see soon teehee!

STREET STYLE: I have also been working on a very special project, I spent days in central London spying and stalking trendy people and getting street style snaps of them. Another challenge was to interview people.  This will be a feature on the website. Here is a sneak peek of some of the people I snapped.

Kelby 23 | Drurin 28 | Spotted in Covent Garden

EVENT: It was the Fabulous High Street Awards 2011, with over 25,000 fashionista’s votes, VERY were nominated in the online/mail order category(YAY!). I attended the event in which you can read about HERE.

FILMING: Last week I was busy working on yet another project which is still a secret, one word: MAKEOVER! Me and the other lovely 4 members of the VTEAM were styled and made up for photo shoots and filming! YES! Filming! Although I am familiar with sitting in front of a camera lens, I certainly was not expecting the scale of this project. It was my first time at acting and playing a role, I just hope I did well! This project will be such a treat for you VERY lovers!

So, that was what I have been up to for the past week or so. Days are going by so fast and I still can’t believe Its near the end of October! I hope your all keeping warm in this transitional weather ^_^

Lots of warm hugs, Suzi x

31st October 2011
Written by Very_Rachel