The new mens range from Henleys

As the Autumn/Winter season well and truly gets underway, the new arrivals are turning up thick and fast here at Very HQ and one arrival that has recently caught our eye is the new range of menswear and accessories from Henleys.

Henleys, the clothing brand from Manchester that has really burst onto the scene in recent years, started life as a purely men’s shirt brand but today, it is just as known for its range of casual wear and ladies wear.

And of course, with the cold weather already closing in, our attention immediately turned to this black Henleys Mens Hoody.

This hooded top looks like it will be perfect for keeping us warm over the next few months and with a slim-fit styling, it also looks the part. The printed Henley’s logo, finished in a cool green, white and purple, completes the look.

Underneath that hoody, you might decide to wear this Henleys Mens Graphic Print Tee. Now, whilst the coloured Henleys design is probably too nice to cover up all day with a hoody, we think that it is the perfect partner for when you come indoors and need to take off that hooded top. The vibrant coloured printed logo really does suit that bright white tee.

Alternatively, if you prefer something a little bit different, then consider this Henleys Mens Foil Print Tee

The black tee features a cool golden foil print with white detailing for a look that’s striking yet not too flashy.

As well as tees, Henleys is also known for coming up with high quality polo shirts and our pick from this new batch is this Henleys Mens Stripe Polo. We think that the combination of navy, yellow and sky blue hoops really does work to create a great looking polo.

Finally, we’re going to end with the essential accessory of 2011 – the iPad protective case. This neoprene Henleys iPad Sleeve is perfect for keeping your tablet safe and scratch-free.

20th October 2011
Written by Very_Lauren