TOWIE’s New Fashion Star Jessica Wright

Since winning a BAFTA TV award, The Only Way Is Essex continues to get juicier and wilder every week and one of the characters to get more screen time this series is Jessica Wright.

Jessica, the older sister of the show’s resident lothario Mark Wright, is a singer turned fashion designer.

And you can tell she’s into fashion by the way she dresses, looking cute and pretty in an embellished white dress when we saw at the BT Vision Essential Launch in London.

So does Jessica take after her Romeo brother Mark in the love life department? Very can reveal she is the complete opposite as she told us she was currently single, putting her business before her love life.

We had an exclusive chat with her during the awards where she also told us about her guilty pleasures when it comes to other TV shows. Then she let us into a secret about the third Wright sibling. To find out if he’ll appear on TOWIE soon, watch our video interview here.

The fashion in The Only Way Is Essex can sometimes be over the top, but Jessica is a refreshing new addition as her white dress looks classy rather than trashy.

The floral embellishment is on trend for Autumn as it makes everyone feel more bright and positive, whatever the weather outside.

The future is certainly rosy for Jess if she continues to dress as well as this. We’re surprised she hasn’t a queue of men trailing after her everywhere…but then they would have to put up with Mark Wright as a brother in law. Scary!

Inspired by Jess’s floaty and feminine outfit? One way of achieving a similar look at Very is to try the Oasis pleated vintage style dress – tight on the top and floaty around the hips like Jessica’s dress

Or the Love Label beaded crossover tunic has a similar mix of tight and draped, except the floaty effect is on the top half rather than the skirt. This is great for creating shape and helping to form an hourglass silhouette

Or you could mix a skirt and a top to achieve a look like Ms Wright. The South embellished skirt is suitably flirty

While the Love Label one shoulder ruffle blouse has embellishment like the reality TV star’s and you can wear a one shoulder bra with it if you need some support

For even more floral embellishment, which is on trend this season, check out the stunning embellished neck fur coat

The TOWIE girls always have great shoes so don’t let the side down! Check out the Head Over Heels Mirah glitter platforms– Reem!

We can’t wait to seeing more of the fashionable star in series 3 on Wednesday and Sunday nights on ITV2.

19th October 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin