Trend Spotting: Sock Styling

10 Years ago, pairing socks with sandals would be doomed as a fashion disaster. Fast forward to Autumn 2011, it is probably one of the biggest style trends around this season. This year, socks have been put into the spotlight. A great sock and a great sandal, carefully thought out and worn with attitude is no longer a fashion blunder. It doesn’t stop there, socks are now paired with everything. The subject is quite a controversial one which normally divides a group, resulting in a love/hate affair. If your still questioning your thoughts on it? take a look at the following trend savvy ladies, celebrities and even designers who are sporting the look. It may change your mind, as it did mine.

Take a look at our very own celeb designer Fearne Cotton  who is sporting the socks and sandals look. Fearne has  gone for the japanese inspired wooden wedge in which she  has paired it with a pale grey/blue ankle sock.

I personally think she pulls it off very well, it pairs well with  the rest of her neutral colored outfits and adds an edge to a  casual put together. The choice of sandal is also important,  it shouldn’t be too strappy or too complicated otherwise the  ‘trying too hard’ alarm will start ringing. Fearne has got it  spot on, the wedge is a more casual heel style and the thick  straps cut nicely across the foot. Full marks!

Still not sure? Take some inspiration from the catwalks, if you don’t dig the socks and sandals then try pairing socks with court shoes like Dolce & Gabbana, with a more simple shoe like Marc by Marc Jacobs or simply let it peep over your boots. Keeping warm AND stylish.

I predict that this trend is going to get bigger and better. The fashion pack at LFW was already all over it, wearing it in many different ways. Below are a couple of snaps I shot, on the streets of LFW.

Colour pop paired with flats
socks and sandals
socks with boots

So, your thought? has it changed? Whether you will be embracing it or not, you will certainly see this trend everywhere you go. Not only will it allow you to wear your sandals in the Autumn (Hurray!) it will add some interest and style to ANY outfit. Socks are fairly inexpensive so experiment, dig out a pair of socks after all, we all have them! Buy a new pair, be brave and go for a quirky design or simply stick to a plain rib design.

How to wear them?

If you plan on wearing them with flats, make sure the rest of the outfit is quite feminine, maybe a skirt or fitted styles to keep it chic. If your wearing heels then you can get away with more masculine and boxy shapes to strike a balance. If you feel more conscious but willing to give the trend a go, then wear with a pair of boots for a more understated look. I definitely will be trying this look, will you? Check out our very own range of the latest socks to get experimenting with sock styling for yourself. 

I LOVE this sheer spotty sock by LoveLabel, spots and socks? two trends in one!

Happy Experimenting! Suzi x

7th October 2011
Written by Very_Rachel

Posted by: Ruth 11 October 2011

I tried to wear socks with my dress for prom, but my friends told me it looked weird. I thought I looked chic! lol.

Maybe I need more practice :/

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