Fashion Report From The New Twilight Premiere

If you’re looking forward to seeing Twilight: Breaking Dawn then you will not be disappointed – it’s the most action packed and heart-touching film yet!

We got the chance to check out the star-studded film premiere in London’s new Westfield shopping mall in Stratford and have to say it was one of the best night’s of our lives. There were lots of celebrities and everyone seemed to make an effort with what they were wearing.

It started on a good note as we got close to the drop dead gorgeous Robert Pattinson, who is even more beautiful in the flesh than you’d think in the movies:

However, we did notice that everywhere he goes, 3 bodyguards follow and that photo was the closest we got to him but it didn’t matter that much as we were also there to look at the fashion. What were the girls wearing and what were they all talking about?

First up, we couldn’t help but be impressed by Kristen Stewart as she did something many of us do on a night out. She changed out of her high heel shoes into converse trainers after the film and before the after-party. However, she pulled it off as her maxi dress was so stunning you could never see what shoes she’s wearing underneath. If you look really closely, you may be able to notice the trainers.

Black seemed to be a common theme for the outfits as new X Factor judge Tulisa and her band Little Mix had a black theme going on. Look closely at Tulisa in the centre and you can see that Tulisa’s skirt is made from feathers. Very asked if she was comfortable and she admitted: “They’re a bit itchy!”


Second from right, Jesy was wearing Very’s French Connection Quarry Falls Dress and  Jade was in the French Connection Lucinda Sequin Playsuit.

Pixie Lott, also in black, declared herself a dedicated Twi-hard saying that she had watched every single Twilight film. Her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire was left lingering in the background while she posed for photos with fans and tried to find the Twilight stars.

But one of the best outfits was Very’s own designer Holly Willoughby, who tweeted on the night: “Wow! What a movie!!!! You must go and see it xxx” Holly’s so sweet!

And one of the funniest moments of the night came from newly restored X Factor singer Amelia Lily, who was one of the few celebrities to wear colour. She revealed to us that she fancied Robert Pattinson so much that she called her hamster Edward Cullen after Rob’s character in Twilight. Sure he’ll be flattered…er, maybe?

As for the film itself, we don’t want to give too much away but it involves marriage, skinny dipping, werewolf races through the woods, a difficult pregnancy and a rather disturbing birth scene. Kristen Stewart must have suffered while filming this rollercoaster of a movie.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn is out on 18 November and if you’re planning on doing something to celebrate then it looks like black is the colour to do it in right now.

One option is to do it in something show-stopping like Kristen Stewart try the new South mesh insert maxi dress.  Or for a touch of feather to waltz into any event in style check out the stunning new Teatro feather trim cocktail dress.  And if you don’t want to take Converse in your handbag you need shoes you can walk in. The Love Label little rock glitter court shoes are great as they have a comfortable block heel.

Now we’re looking forward to the movie coming out on DVD so we can watch it again!

17th November 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin

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