Fashion: Save or Splurge?

I’m sure every lady will come across this dilemma at least once in their lifetime ‘save or splurge’.   We’ve all had that moment in which our heads are telling us one thing, yet your heart is fiercely fighting back and telling us another. When it comes to fashion, you should definitely invest in great quality wardrobe staples.

Depending on your lifestyle, wardrobe staples will vary from person to person. These staples should suffice the washing machine, the tumble dryer, 100s of wears and should still look as good as it did, the day that you bought it (that’s some great quality there!). Just to make life a lot more easier, I will be voicing my opinions and tips on which items you should save the £££s and which items you should proudly lavish the £££s.

Fashion Splurges

Blazer: Every girl need s a good quality blazer. It can instantly take you from day to evening, looks chic thrown over any party dress and obviously, perfect for the office too!

Shirt: The shirt is HOT news this season, again it’s perfect for the office and looks great with this seasons pencil skirt. Thinking shirts are for formal wear only? think again. This fall 2011, shirts are everywhere. Layer them under your jumpers, tops and cardigans to stay on trend. Shirts have never been so versatile and cool.

Jeans: Who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans? the best part? jeans get better with age (wahey!). Finding the right fit and style is key, visit our jeans section for a guide on which shape to buy. My favourite is the skinny jeans purely for its versatility, easy to dress up or down. Look out for quirky detailing like multiple zips, double waistbands and ankle zips to keep you on trend. This season I will be buying them in all sorts of colours.

Leather Accessories: Whether it is a bag, a boot or a jacket, any chic lady should have at least one of these items in their wardrobe. If you have all 3 you seriously have some style! Any one of these items will last you years and years, and just like denim, they get better with age! Pick a neutral colour, maybe a tan, taupe or black. These colours will fit perfectly into your existing wardrobe and look great with any of your outfits,  meaning you can get more wear out of them.

LBD: Also known as the little black dress, every girl needs one of these in their wardrobe. A little black dress is perfect for any occasion, can be worn day OR night and needless to say, perfect for those last minute party decisions (I don’t have anything to wear moments!). The LBD can be dressed up with fabulous accessories and killer heels transforming it each time.

Fashion Saves

Trend Pieces: Fashion trends come and go and to keep up with them, you will repeatedly pursue a new trend and eventually forget about the last. This is what I call fast fashion, items you only wear for one or two seasons. So it may be a certain print, shape or style that will end up at the bottom of your unloved pile the following season.

Tights: I LIVE in my trusty black opaque tights and let me tell you, whether there expensive OR budget, they all eventually either ladder, bobble or shrink. Tights are one thing I buy over and over gain, the reason why I now choose to buy them on budget, is because I buy them by the bucket load. This way, every couple of weeks or so, I can pull out a fresh new pair without a heartache.

Party shoes: I know we all should invest in great shoes, but in my experience not party shoes. Unless we are talking about a classic black or nude platform, party shoes with noticeable detail should be bought on a budget.  After a few sneaky drinks and a dance on the dance floor, those party shoes are not quite looking the same (esp suede!). Another dress, another party shoe needed? exactly! There are plenty of great party shoes at affordable prices at the moment.

Hopefully this small guide will help you on your next shopping spree, its great to be shop savvy (and save money!).

Love Suzi x

1st November 2011
Written by Very_Rachel