How To Wear Sequins Like Kelly Brook

Gorgeous, upbeat and always smiling, Kelly Brook is the type of girl who’d liven up a party.

At the launch of a new X Box Kinect Dance Central 2 game, the stunning star showed she could dance as well as she could dress. Bravely, Kelly had to demonstrate the action-packed game to a crowd of shoppers at the Westfield mall in London.

And thankfully she got a huge standing ovation for her efforts. Mind you, nobody could boo her when she looked so lovely in her sequin playsuit.

Sequins are on trend this season and are a brilliant way to add life to an otherwise plain outfit. Black has a slimming effect so with black sequins, Kelly’s getting shimmer and slimmer – clever!

Very caught up with Kelly at the event to ask about her party fashion tips. Watch our exclusive video here.

The model turned actress is not just a pretty face – underwear is very important, whether you’re planning to dance all night or just sit at the bar and flirt. Good support is vital!  And talking of support, Very can also exclusively reveal that lucky Ms Brook’s relationship with her boyfriend Thom Evans is stronger than ever.  Kelly confessed they have a date night at least once a week to keep things interesting.  And she looks forward to coming back to the UK when she’s been working in LA because she feels ‘at home’ with Thom. Bless!

But just because she’s coupled up, it doesn’t mean comprising on her sense of style. The sequin outfit is guaranteed to be admired by everyone – guys as well as girls – and there’s nothing like a bit of attention to raise a girl’s self-esteem.

If you’d like to follow in Kelly’s  shiny footsteps then the new Love Label one sleeve sequin bodycon dress is just the ticket. It may not have the guaranteed modesty protection of shorts or a playsuit but thed bodycon style is moulded to the body so there’s no danger of it blowing up and out when you’re dancing!

But if you’re worried about showing off more than expected you need shorts and a top. Try the South sequin drape front top

Or the Oasis sequin tee is a retro 1960s style with sequins to make you stand out and make people go ‘wow’

Both look lovely with the Love Label tailored shorts

Or, if you’re feeling brave then try the Love Label metallic shorts – these and a sequin top will get you in the mood for showing off and dancing!

If you look closely then you’ll see Kelly’s shoes are sparkly too. Cute! Copy her lead with the attention grabbing Love Label Semplice sequin shoe boots

Talk about dancing shoes! x

7th November 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin