Makeover – Behind the Scenes with V-Team Cate

If there is one thing I love, it’s filming. Some people may hate having their photo taken or having to act for the camera, but I love it. I’m a bit of a ham, quite frankly, so filming the beginning sequence for our new Monthly Makeovers was an absolute blast.

The TV Makeover advert will be coming to your screen on Friday 11 November at around 6.15pm during Home & Away on Channel 5.  Check out the Makeover Competition on our Facebook page.’s stylist picked a fantastic Love Label Tea Dress for me to wear, and we paired it with some lovely nude heels and a gold belt.  Here’s a quick photo I took in the studio toilets – glamorous!

We filmed the entire sequence in front of a green screen which was a lot of fun. I had to do a lot of “techy” things for the director, including reading a pretend blog post on the Motorola Xoom, playing an imaginary game on an HTC, and taking fake photos on a bright red digital camera. Thankfully the theatre skills I learned in high school kicked in!

One of the surprising challenges shooting on a green screen had to do with my hair! My hair for the shoot was quite, um, tall and you could see the green through bits of my pompadour so they had to keep spraying and combing it. Eventually, it became so stiff I could have probably broken a plate with it, but it made it easier for the technical folks to edit it.”

The photos and videos we shot for our new monthly makeovers were so much fun to make, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the final product!

Here are a few more shots from the day, including one of Sally and Ginni.


Love Cate x

10th November 2011
Written by Very_Lauren