New Monthly Makeovers

Last week myself and my fellow V-Team girls were invited to spend a day in the studio to try on some gorgeous Very outfits, talk to the press about our forthcoming competition and to film our latest TV Makeover advert coming to your screen on Friday 11 November at around 6.15pm during Home & Away on Channel 5.  Check out the Makeover Competition on our Facebook page.

The studios were in East London so I had the rare opportunity to use the Docklands Light Railways or the ‘DLR’ to Londoner’s. It’s a bit like the monorail at Alton Towers and always feels so space age to me even though I remember my Dad taking me on it when I was about ten!

We were greeted by the behind-the-scenes team at Very who are responsible for looking after us – thank you girls! After a quick coffee and a catch up we were whisked into a frenzy of styling, hair and make-up! It is such a thrill to have your hair and make-up done and we were lucky to have the lovely fellow V-Team girl Ginni on hand to ensure we were all up to her standards.

Trying on all those lovely dresses reminded me of my modelling days many moons ago and the Very Stylist along with V-Teamer, Kirsty, helped me chose me a stunning French Connection Swallow Swoop Bird Print Dress which I totally fell in love with.

When we were all camera-ready we had some photos taken to launch our makeover competition.  V-Teamer Suzi took a few sneaky behind-the-scenes shots on her camera for the blog so look out for them!

Finally, when we were feeling brave enough we were filmed against a green screen which is literally a huge green piece of paper. This allows the crew to drop any background they like into the final film; in my case a room with walls that magically wallpaper themselves! How cool is that? If only it were true, it would make my life a million times easier! Ginni had to play around with make up brushes and Cate had some great gadets to look at so a good time was had by all!

After a long day we all made our way home covered in full-on TV make up but happy we’d all done a good job and excited to see the results on the telly soon…

Love Sally x

10th November 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Subhash 19 May 2014

I agree with Carol. I think the next step is for women in the workplace to own that they are women and that alone will make them want to stay lneogr. When I started out we were told to learn how to be “one of the boys.” Hide your femininity whether that was in the clothes you wore or the fact that it was your innate intuition that led you to making that decision your boss was so happy with. Just never let on you were a girl. All that pretending is what eventually exhausts so many women and makes them leave.