Quick Dress Change From Office To Party

For me, the outfit change from office girl to party queen is all about speed. I want to spend as little time getting ready in the loos and as much time having fun at the party unless there’s a bottle of wine and a gaggle of girls in the loos too, but that’s another story. The aim is to recycle (or upcycle) the day’s outfit with a few fashion tweaks into something a little more sassy, sparkly and dare I say it, sexy. On second thoughts let’s make that subtly sexy, as no one wants to attract so much attention that with the aid of a few vodkas they end up in a compromising situation with a colleague or the boss (eek!) doing something they seriously regret in the cold hungover light of day.

The simplest way to update an outfit is to add dramatic jewellery. A large pair of chandelier earrings with tied up long hair is a quick party fix or a statement necklace like this Diamante and Pearl Floral Necklace will liven up any daytime office dress. Add some night time tights like these Jonathan Aston Scarlett tights with over the knee lacy top finish – very daring. You’ll get a lot of male attention in these so heed my warning of earlier.

How about changing your trousers or skirt for a pair of leather shorts? These Love Label Luxe leather shorts worn with your day blouse or sweater will instantly transform your outfit from day to night. A sparkly top will be the perfect party makeover for your work trousers too. I have this Love Label Sequin Cape Blouse and it is so beautiful, incredibly flattering and great for a bit of upper arm coverage. The same goes for the Vila Glenda sequin top.

You can always glam up your work outfit with some glittery shoes and a wow factor handbag. My favourites are Miss KG Tatiana wedge shoes with their sparkly, super high wedge. You’ll gain 6.5 inches which will really spin out your colleagues as well as elongating your legs to the max. You can’t go wrong with the fabulous Irregular Choice Flick Flack clutch bag as the vibrant colour and sequins make it the perfect accessory to uplift a plain coloured outfit.

So get on out there and enjoy that Christmas party girlies. It’s your time to sparkle and shine! x

23rd November 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Gisel 24 March 2012

Yeah, I’m here to say, the flats you made are by far the best part of the outfit (what kind of flats are they??)… but you look super cute and it’s put teogther so well for the look/style you were going for!!