Strictly Come Dancing: Week 9

It was a crime against fashion that the best-dressed dancer of the evening ended up in the bottom two, but sense prevailed and super-cool, sizzling hot Holly lives to face another day.  But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  Who was putting their best feet forward on Strictly Come Dancing 2011 this weekend?

First up, it was Anita with Brendan.  Robin was off sick with a foot infection, so Brendan was the Knight in Sequined Armour for a second time this series.  Anita, who has a simply amazing figure, looked great in her flirty, mid-length cocktail dress and danced a neat Cha Cha to ‘Uptown Girl’ by Billy Joel. Anita has been dressed brilliantly throughout the series (ok, with the exception of the weird liquorice allsorts dress a few weeks ago) and she looked lovely in the pastel tones that are so flattering to her pale skin.  We think she would have looked amazing in this Love Label Spotted Swing Dress, perfect for shimmying in.

Next we had Holly and Artem.  Holly gets a lot of criticism for being too laid-back, but that’s what we love about her: she’s not pretending that Strictly is the most important thing in her life, she’s just enjoying it. Anyway, Holly & Artem pickled Len’s walnuts by dancing an unconventional foxtrot full of sass and sex appeal – and more importantly, Holly looked really amazing in her red dress, slit up to the thigh. Holly might be a pop princess and all-round babe, but this is a show-stopping look for anyone who wants to make a grand entrance.  Brave enough to flash a bit of thigh? This South Split Front Jersey Dress is the business for the Christmas party season.

Alex Jones has been coming out of her shell over the last couple of weeks and was joint top of the leaderboard last week, but this week she got a bit of a savaging – mainly from Craig, who dismissed her as “mediocre” and didn’t even call her dahling! Alex and James wore one of our favourite shades, eau de nil, for their Charleston and as ever, Alex looked very pretty.  This is a great shade for brunettes and it was a good choice for the 20s Flapper look. This Lipsy Embellished Strapless Dress is a glamorous look for trying out some kicks and flicks on the dancefloor.

Next up, Robbie & Ola who followed up on their crowd-pleasing, but judge-boring turn at Wembley with a Samba.  Ola didn’t wear a catsuit, which suggested she had a bit more faith in Robbie Savage’s danceabilty than the previous week, but she did choreograph a “striptease” element which led to Robbie standing on stage with football shorts/socks, topped off with a Latin, lycra, spangly top.  Ho hum, maybe not that much faith in his hip action after all…let’s move on.

Following them was Chelsee Healey and Pasha, who were always going to dance better than the previous pair, but this wasn’t one of Chelsee’s better weeks dress-wise. The costume department don’t seem to be able to cope with Chelsee’s surgically enhanced cleavage and they stuck her in an unflattering high-necked dress for her Argentine Tango. On the plus side, it was purple, a good colour for Chelsee’s skin tone. Chelsee would look wonderful in this Oasis Corsage One Shoulder Dress in a royal, feminine purple.

It was hotting up at this stage, with all the front-runners taking to the stage late on in the programme. Jason Donovan and Kristina were next, and if any professional dancer was going to have a Charleston dress that was sexy rather than kooky, it would have to be Kristina. Kristina’s cute little cap looked fab against her platinum blonde hair – it almost distracted us from Jason’s OTT facial expressions! Now the snow’s looking to get closer, it’s time to think about some winter headgear and Kristina has inspired us to look for some gorgeous white knitwear this Christmas.

Rounding things off, it was Harry & Aliona.  They went quite 80s with a combination of bold petrol blue and fluorescent coral – weird, but it worked.  As did their Quickstep which got them three 10s and a Craig 9 – which everyone knows is the highest score you can get outside the final…

Bottom Two was Anita v Holly – inevitably Anita left.  And she left very sweetly with her trademark endearing luvviness, as Holly stood in the sidelines, not really looking that bothered at all!

Ah well, that’s it for another week…who were your favourites this week on Strictly? x

29th November 2011
Written by Very_Lauren