Top Toys this Christmas

The Toy Retailers’ Association recently revealed their top “must have” toys for Christmas, predicting twelve toys and gadgets that your kids will probably be hoping are under your tree on Christmas morning.

Previous must-haves in years gone by have included everything from Ben10 and Robosapien, through to Furbys, Power Rangers and the Thunderbirds Tracy Island. Going further back, Action Man, Sindy, Sylvanian Families, Transformers, Star Wars and Lego have all been the “must-haves” at Christmas.

So what will your children be writing to Santa for this Christmas? Well, we’ve picked out four of this year’s hottest toys but with demand bound to be high, make sure that you get your orders in early and avoid the Christmas rush.

First up, we’ve got Milky the Bunny, the “real”, adorable, snow white bunny. Milky is just like having a real rabbit – he moves his eyes, nose, ears and feet, makes real sounds and he really does chew is carrot. When he gets scared and his ears tremble and when he falls asleep, you can hear him snore!

When it comes to adorable, how could you possibly find anything more adorable than Elmo?

The Let’s Rock Elmo plush Sesame Street toy sings, plays instruments and is fantastic fun for kids as well as anyone who’s young at heart.

Elmo sings and plays music while giving you the chance to play and sing along. This fabulous Sesame Street toy becomes interactive when kids pick up the instruments because Elmo recognizes the songs and sings or plays along.

Let’s Rock Elmo comes with a microphone, tambourine and drum set that Elmo recognizes and plays when placed near him. Elmo really is perfect for Sesame Street fans who love this particularly cute member of the gang.

Also on the list are Fijit Friends, an interactive toy that your child will absolutely love.

With supple, huggable skin that enables amazing movement, Fijit Willa has a variety of fun interactive features, including voice recognition, beat detection, dance mode and over 150 built-in responses.

Recommended for ages six and up, Fijit Willa will keep your child entertained for hours as she chats, dances, jokes and performs.

Eager to chat and make you laugh, this Fijit Friend features voice recognition that can identify more than 30 voice commands and respond with a range of phrases and jokes and her face will lights up as she talks and her belly will glow like a nightlight as she nods off at bedtime – perfect for helping your child get to sleep.

Play your own music and watch Fijit Willa boogie away in dance mode. Beat Sensors allow physical and emotional reactions to different styles of music, from slow ballads to funky pop. Dance along as she rocks, twirls and bounces to the beat. She can even perform her own original songs.

Finally, we mentioned that Star Wars had been top of the list in previous years and, well, it’s back! It seems like George Lucas’ sci-fi classic will never go away as the Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber is named as one of this year’s hottest toys.

This incredible lightsaber looks and feels just like the one used by Darth Vader! The glowing blade ignites with light and makes sounds when you power up, power down, and clash in battle! It’s the ultimate weapon to make your Star Wars battles incredibly real!

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7th November 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Dixie 10 January 2014

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