Very Interview: Justin Timberlake’s Screen Love Amanda Seyfried

Style overhaul alert! Amanda Seyfried’s come a long way since she starred in Mean Girls almost 10 years ago in terms of both work and fashion.

She’s now starring in her second movie with the gorgeous Justin Timberlake and this time she gets to play his love interest.

And when she was promoting the film, called In Time, she wowed everyone with her stunning day to night runaround look of a goregous top with cool grey skinny jeans. It’s a million and one times better than the long socks and shift dresses that she wore in Mean Girls!

Here’s a closer look:

The film, which is out on 28 October, is set in a world where people are programmed to die at the age of 25. However, people can buy life credits for money and when Justin’s character gets in trouble, he kidnaps Amanda’s character and the pair end up falling in love.

Very also found it was easy to fall in love with Amanda, as she was so down to earth when we exclusively interviewed her ahead of the In Time release.

Read our mini-interview below to find out about the American actress’s style likes and dislikes and embarrassing fashion mistakes.

VERY: How do you find British style differs from American fashion?

AMANDA: “I  love British fashion. When I was in London I bought some over-sized shirts and I wear them constantly now. You guys always look so cool.”

VERY: Who is your style icon?

AMANDA: “I’d love to look like Penelope Cruz. I met her at The Academy Awards and she looked so beautiful and elegant in her dress. I’d love to dress up how she does it.”

VERY: What is your favourite fashion item right now?

AMANDA: “My best friend gave me a mood ring and I’ve been wearing it non-stop.”

VERY: Have you ever had any ‘wardrobe malfunctions’?

AMANDA: “At the premiere of Mean Girls, I wore a white bra under a black dress and it went see-through in the photos because of the paparazzi flashbulbs!  Always take a picture of yourself before you leave the house, so you know if you’re supposed to be wearing a slip! I’m an idiot! But that was a fun night regardless. I didn’t notice I’d made a mistake till the next day!”

VERY: Tell us a fashion fact about you that we might not have guessed?

AMANDA: ‘I make hats. I’m on a hat frenzy. I’m on my eighth and I love it. I’ll leave bars early to go home and knit. My friends call me Nana but I’m proud of it.”

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11th November 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Ibrahima 18 May 2014

Kelsey Barnes – Oh my goodness gcaoirus! All the pictures are gorgeous. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones by the cross. I can’t think of a better way to start a marriage other than kneeling at the cross together. It literally brought me to tears! Congratulations Jason and Amanda! It was such a beautiful and fun day!