What Exactly Is An LED TV, Anyway?

If you’re looking to purchase a new TV, there’s no doubt you’ll be overwhelmed with choice!

From LCD to 3D, it can be easy to get lost in all of the technical jargon, when all you want is a quality yet affordable TV. But, never fear, I’m here to break down all of the annagrams and technical terms for you so next time you go to buy a new TV, you won’t get lost in technical translation!

LCD – An LCD TV means that you have an LCD panel display or screen on your TV. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, and a LCD TV screen is made up of a number of segments filled with liquid crystals, lit up by a light source behind them, with reflectors to help create colour and monochrome.

LED – An LED TV is referring to the LED panel display or screen on the TV. LED stands for Light-Emitting Diodes, and  in a LED TV the screen is created by clusters of red, green, and blue diodes that are driven together to form a full-colour pixel. The great thing about LED TVs is that as the screen is “light-emitting”, the light comes from the LEDs on their own, and don’t need an extra set of lights behind them to light them up like an LCD TV does, making your TV thinner, lighter and brighter!

3D – A 3D TV does exactly what it sounds like – it allows you to watch 3D films and TV shows on your own television at home. Most 3D TVs can operate in both 2D and 3D modes so you can switch between the two, with the 3D glasses sold separately.

Smart TV – Smart TV is a feature on a variety of TV sets that connect to the internet to help combine your favourite programming both on TV and online. It allows you to download apps to your TV, which will allow you to stream films from apps like the one from Lovefilm. Smart TV essentially combines the TV and online world of entertainment, giving you a much more engaging TV experience!

Happy watching! x

19th November 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Only TV Stands.co.uk 20 November 2011

All the TVs are good just depends on your budget this is a great post that explains the differences very well.

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