Beauty Trend: Glittery Sparkly Eyes

I love glittery sparkly eyes and it suits pretty much everyone, but glitter and sparkle can spell disaster for a lot of us, so I’m going to show you a way to sparkle with no mess!!  It’s always advisable when using any glitter to leave the foundation until last so that way if any particles fall on to the face you can wipe clean with a facial wipe.

1. Start by applying Elizabeth Arden Eye Fix Advanced Primer 7.5ml all over the lid.

2. Now here’s the secret………..glitter and shimmer dust glide on like a dream if you use a cream shadow first so apply Daniel Sandler Eye Love It – Silver all over the lid. Keep a special glitter eye shadow brush, an old one will do but I like Maxfactor Eyeshadow Brush.  Add a little of the cream eyeshadow to the brush this will help the glitter adhere to the brush and stop it from going everywhere.

3. Next to apply the glitter!  I would highly recommend Barry M Fine Glitter Dust – Silver.  Press gently onto the lids – WOW! Clean away any glitter particles and apply foundation if you need to. Curl lashes and apply mascara and why not add a set of false lashes, for maximum effect try Eylure Double Lashes – 202 .

And there you have it……….fabulous glittery sparkly eyes!  Gorgeous!

You can also get the set of Daniel Sandler Limited Edition Eye Love It Trio  and team up with Barry M Fine Glitter Dust – Black Gold or Barry M Dazzle Dust – Petrol Black  for that rock chic look.  Also check out the pink with Barry M Fine Glitter Dust – Crimson Pink . There are many ways to experiment and colours in the Barry M Dazzle Dust and Barry M Fine Glitter Dust ranges so have fun.  It’s also so inexpensive for such an amazing product.

Love Ginni x

5th December 2011
Written by Very_Lauren