Choosing the Perfect Fragrance

It’s no surprise that fragrance is one of the most bought products for Christmas, however it is quite alarming that Christmas Eve is responsible for the vast majority of sales throughout the year outselling even Valentine’s Day!

In a way this worries me, if you get it wrong does this mean there’s a lot of disappointed ladies walking about sadly dreaming of what they would have bought if only they could have been asked? And even worse are they actually waiting till next Christmas with the hope that this time you will get it right?  I really hope not! 

Just in case, I have a few helpful tips in getting it right this year so you can avoid a reception frostier than the Christmas turkey when you present your gift!

Fragrance Guide

Rule No. 1

What you think is the perfect scent really may not be what she likes!  Surveys have shown that men like their ladies in the majority to smell light and fresh. Is this because they perceive heavier sexier scents to pose a threat perhaps? Do they have visions of semi naked fire men rushing after their girlfriends and carrying them off for nights of red hot passion- ok maybe that’s just me ahem!  The reality is though it’s not about you guys, it’s all about us! What do we like?

The Sniff Test

It’s time for a little investigation boys – first off there’s nothing like a sniff test, actually sniffing your lady (slightly weird I know!) gives a good clue as to what fragrance her skin may be able to take. A good fragrance should compliment your natural scent rather than mask it. When you are confident you know the scent you are looking for its time to steal an item of clothing – ideally a scarf!  Next up take a good look at which perfumes are actually lying about on her dresser, does she have a large collection? Look for the one which seems most used and see if this matches the fragrance on the scarf or is it something entirely different perhaps?

If you are haven’t got a scent to go on (maybe you don’t have access to her collection) then don’t be afraid to follow your “nose”.  Is there a sweetness, muskiness, what does the fragrance remind you of? What memory springs to mind?  Look for fragrances that mimic the notes that you feel you can pick out.

Here are a selection of some of my favourites from Very.

Don’t let the pretty pink packaging fool you here boys!  Although Prada never overpowers this is in no way a girly girls scent. The patchouli base is notable. Definitely for a woman who is confident in herself.  This fruity floral Ted Baker Ladies EDT 75ml combines just the right mix for most girls and is neither too light & fluffy or too overpowering – a great choice.

For a sexed up floral try Agent Provocateur Maitresse Gift Set – seduction in a bottle!  Citrus has always been a popular choice and ideal for that out of the shower appeal. Hugo Boss Orange Sunset Gift Set has had huge success and adds a twist away from traditional lemon fragrances such as CK one etc.

Versace Versence 100ml EDT is as fresh as a mediterranean breeze, this one is really feminine to wear and lacks the powdery base that sometimes disappoints.  YSL Belle D’ Opium 50ml EDP is slightly sweeter than the iconic Opium by YSL, I feel this is a great winter fragrance and has just the right mix of sugar and spice. I bought this last year and fell in love as it’s in no way as demanding as the original.

Versace Crystal Noir 50ML EDT is a masterpiece of jasmine and coconut and leaves a warm comforting feeling whenever you wear it!  Bulgari Voile De Jasmin Ladies 100ml EDT is a much lighter echo of the original-ideal for day wear!

To conclude, perfume can be as wonderful and as unique as the woman who wears it. Researched fully we can appreciate the joy that finding that perfect fragrance can bring & once found it will never be forgotten! x

11th December 2011
Written by Very_Lauren