Helpful Gadgets For Your Kitchen

If you’re hosting Christmas dinner or having a festive party at your house this holiday season, you’ll no doubt need a bit of help in the kitchen! Cooking up a big meal for a lot of people, or even entertaining a small number of guests can be a bit daunting, but thankfully, technology can actually help to make your time in the kitchen and playing hostess much, much easier.

Here are a few clever kitchen appliances and gadgets to help make cooking for and hosting your own holiday party easy!

Breville Hand Blender

This time of year calls for plenty of baking! Whether you’re making your own mince pies, Christmas cake or some candy cane flavoured cupcakes, having this mixer will help make your baking so much easier. This mixer comes with different attachments, has two speeds, and easily breaks apart for cleaning!

Swan Essentials Chocolate Fountain

If you’ve ever been to a party with one of these, you know how awesome they are. Just think how pleased your guests will be with this?! Add marshmallows and fruit on skewers and your party will be an absolute hit. Who doesn’t love chocolate?!

Sensiohome Rotating Party Platter

If you’re hosting your party, you’ll probably be too busy cooking and filling drinks to walk around with canapés, so why not just add them to this rotating party platter? Even better, you can also use this as a rotating cake stand! Your guests will be wowed with not only your tasty treats, but with their swish presentation! x

17th December 2011
Written by Very_Lauren