Mobile Phone Christmas Gift Guide

If someone in your family desperately needs (or desperately wants) a new mobile phone for Christmas, there are plenty of swish new mobiles to choose from. However, despite many people claiming that one phone is the best or that a certain brand is better than the other, which mobile phone is “best” is the one that is best for you. People need different things from their mobile, so one type of phone will never reign supreme.

Here’s a handy guide on which mobiles to buy!

Nokia C3-01 Mobile

Best for: Just texting and making phone calls

If you or your family member spend more time talking on their mobile phone than anything else, and the only added feature they really care about is texting their friends, this phone is ideal. Nokia is a very dependable brand when it comes to making straight-forward phones, and this will do trick. However, if they do need to get online for some reason, it has both a 3G and WiFi connection, as well as Bluetooth!

Samsung Galaxy S2

Best for: Surfing the web, checking social feeds

This will make a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time updating Facebook and Twitter from their mobile phones. It runs on Android, so there will be plenty of fun and useful apps for them to download in the Android Market. Plus, as the phone is super light, it won’t weigh down their handbag or jeans pockets!

BlackBerry Bold 9900

Best for: Workaholics and the email-obsessed

For those who must be in contact at all times and can never leave their inbox alone, BlackBerry’s are perfect. The full QWERTY keyboard of this BlackBerry Bold is perfect for sending rapid emails and texts, and with the BlackBerry Balance technology, it helps to keep their personal and business information separate and secure. Ideal for the businesswoman (or man) in your life. (Plus, it has a 5 megapixel camera if they ever do decide to quit emailing their clients and actually take a photo to put on Facebook.)

HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio

Best for: Music lovers and geeks

We all know that Beats by Dr Dre produce fantastic sound, and now you can get that same, studio-quality sound from your mobile! This phone has a huge, crisp screen so taking photos and watching videos is an experience to be had, and it also makes browsing the web and updating Twitter and Facebook a breeze. Plus, whether you’re listening to a Spotify playlist or your own music that’s stored on the HTC Sensation, with the Beats Audio and special Beats earbuds, your music will sound so amazing, it blocks out any other noise around you. (A must for those who commute! Trust me.)

Love Cate x

6th December 2011
Written by Very_Lauren