New Mum’s Nursery Essentials

It’s nearly a new year and for some that means becoming a new mum! Whether this is your first child or not, all mothers-to-be want the best for their baby and that means ensuring your nursery is well-equipped for those all important early days.  The one item of furniture that you’ll be using the most in those early months is a cot or crib. The Ladybird Evie cot bed is an elegant piece of nursery furniture designed to adapt to your growing child’s needs. Two protective teething rails also help to keep your baby safe and when they’re old enough to go into a proper bed, the Ladybird Evie can be adapted into a toddler bed by removing the side rails, helping to make this tricky transition much easier and comforting.

One real essential during those initial weeks is ensuring you have plenty of clean bedding around because you certainly get through it quickly! That makes this beautifully soft Ladybird 6-Piece Bedding Bale even more appealing. It’s suitable for a pram, moses basket or cradle – this beautifully soft nursery bedding also comes in peaceful pastel colours and it will keep your newborn safe and warm.

Now as we all know, apart from sleeping, there is one other thing that new babies do an awful lot of! For that you will need a good baby changer like this stunning Mamas & Papas Willow Dresser/Changer. It includes 3 spacious drawers on safety runners.  Feeding your baby can be one of the few times you get to sit down for a few minutes so do ensure you have a comfortable nursing chair like this lovely Ladybird Rock-a-Bye Nursing Chair which comes complete with a matching stool for complete comfort. Having a comfortable chair at hand in the nursery for you and your baby makes all the difference in those early days when you’re feeding in the middle of the night. The glide action of the chair will help soothe and comfort your baby while it maintains posture. The deep upholstery also gives added comfort. 

Finally ensuring your baby sleeps as long as possible will soon become top priority! Help block out light pollution which can disturb a good night’s sleep with this pretty nursery-friendly Metallic Square roller blind.

Good luck and enjoy your beautiful bundle of joy! X

27th December 2011
Written by Very_Lauren