Throwing A Fuss Free Party!

I do love a good party, especially at Christmas, but what I don’t like is the hangover afterwards. No, not that sort of hangover! I mean the sort that involves all the clearing up and washing up and putting everything away afterwards. If you hate it as much as I do then you might be interested in a few of my top tips to cut down on the clearing up so you can concentrate on the fun!

When I invite guests over for a meal I do love using real linen napkins, but for a drinks party at Christmas I always use paper napkins so there’s no worrying about laundering afterwards. These Paper Dinner Napkins 3 ply from Very come in lovely festive colours and an adorable Skandanavian inspired pattern. Very chic!  Similarly life really is too short to be washing up hands-full of cutlery after a bit of a do. Especially when you can buy this Plastic Assorted Cutlery 60pc – White and just recycle it afterwards. So much easier and no dish pan hands!

Now I’m not the sort of hostess that likes to ask her guests to remove their shoes at the door – after all most of my friends want to show off their gorgeous new Christmas footwear. However I don’t relish the idea of muddy boots walking up my hallway either, so here’s the solution. A Corsica Runner with free mat so everyone can wipe their feet and you can leave the vacuum cleaner in the cupboard for one more day.

If someone does happen to have one too many sherries and there is a little spillage do try to clean it up  asap, other wise it will be twice as difficult the next day. Just keep this JML Twista Microfibre Self -wringing Mop to hand and it’ll be cleared up in no time.

Finally, if you have smokers at your party it really can take a long time for that stale cigarette smoke to clear off. This JML Fresh Air Globe will take care of that by neutralisng nasty niffs and recycling clean air into your home.  Throwing a fuss-free party is easy when you know how!

Love Sally x

10th December 2011
Written by Very_Lauren