V-Team Makeover 2:The New Year’s Eve Outfit

New Year’s Eve is quite possibly my favourite night of the year. I love the build up to it through December parties with work colleagues and then Christmas with the family knowing that come 31st December I’m going to be with all my best friends dancing and laughing, generally making mischief of myself and almost as important as all the fun, I’ll be wearing a fabulous new outfit. I’ll generally have been planning and tweaking this outfit for the whole of December (as I am doing right now for this NYE). So I was very excited when Very informed me that our next makeover was all about the New Year’s Eve outfit which meant I could style up someone else’s NYE outfit too. I saw some photos of the competition winner Anna and she looked lovely – petite, curvy and very pretty. She’s a young mum who doesn’t get much time for herself. I however, had plenty of time to go on-line and choose a whole range of dresses to suit her shape. I wanted a dress that was sparkly and embellished – a major party number to get her noticed. I also went to town choosing loads of glittery shoes, jewellery and handbags to complement these dresses.

On the makeover day Anna arrived with her sister and both were feeling tired as they hadn’t slept the night before with nerves and excitement. We were filming in the very chi chi club Movida in London’s West End as it was the perfect party venue. Myself and V-team Suzi got Anna to try on a whole range of dresses while blindfolded. The maxi dresses were gorgeous but a bit too grown up for her and also drowned her petite frame so we decided on a shorter dress to show off Anna’s lovely legs. We narrowed it down to three favourites.  I was a big fan of the Love Label metallic  body con dress as it was quite fitted and the length was perfect. Next up was Diana Vickers one shoulder sequin dress which was even more body con and the ultimate sparkly dress with all the sequins but I thought the colours didn’t complement Anna’s skin. The final dress was the Love Label cape sleeve beaded dress which looked gorgeous. The shape was very contemporary and the metallic beads in the scalloped pattern gave it that on trend nod to 1920’s Art Deco. Anna looked beautiful in this dress and the colour (navy) really worked with her skin. This was the winner.

Anna went into hair and make up  and had her hair teased up into a sexy top knot with make up done in soft, sparkly browns. She looked absolutely gorgeous – like a modern day Audrey Hepburn. Suzi and I got her back into the dress – with Anna wearing a blindfold and us trying to guide her arms into the dress whilst not spoiling her new hair. Next up were accessories to finish off the look. We added a whipstitch waist belt to cinch in Anna’s waist and some Love Label Charlotte glitter court shoes in bronze as the colour made the metallic beading on the dress really pop. They were a bold alternative to ‘play it safe’ black shoes and gave the outfit a daring edge. The final accessory was a wide velvet headband to go with Anna’s new 60’s style up do. I can tell you that Anna looked more beautiful in her New Year’s Eve outfit with her hair and make up done than I thought was possible. I was so happy with the result but what would Anna think?

We led her with eyes closed to the mirror for the final reveal. Two gorgeous male models in black tie were stood either side of the mirror ready to drop the silk cover from it.  Anna was shaking with nerves so much I though she might cause a mini earthquake in the club while I was shaking with excitement at the visions of male loveliness stood in front of me. On the count of three Anna opened her eyes, the silk dropped and the mirror revealed the new Anna.  Well, she stood there silently in shock, looking at herself whilst I grinned like a maniac and Anna’s sister burst into tears. This set Anna off and most of the crew too! Once she had composed herself  she twirled in front of the mirror and said she absolutely loved her new look and I couldn’t agree more. Mission accomplished by three members of the V-Team.

Whoop whoop, go V-Team! x

19th December 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

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