Your Guide To Home Entertainment Systems

If you’re a film and television geek or love dimming the lights and turning up X Factor on a Saturday night, making sure you have the right equipment for your own home cinema is a must! Watching films at home will never be the same, and playing video games will feel like an entirely new experience.

So, to start creating your own home cinema or the ideal home entertainment system, you’ll need one of the following…

For 3D Geeks

If you’re all about the latest technology, you’ll definitley want to have your home entertainment system be 3D ready! This Samsung 3D Blu-Ray DVD Home Theatre System combines all of the lastest technologies, so you can watch films in 3D, or simply play your Blu-Ray discs or even your DVDs. The sound on this home entertainment system is fantastic, as it uses Dolby Digital +, Dolby True HD and Power Bass to create a lifelike and submersive sound field. Who needs to go to the cinema when you have this at home?!


High-Def Movie Lovers

If you love watching films in the highest quality possible, but aren’t fussed about watching them in 3D, this is the home entertainment system for you! The LG Blu-ray DVD Home Theatre Kit creates a fantastic sound in your home without taking up too much space as the speakers are compact, and the Blu-ray player will provide stunning views. Even better, using DNLA technology this kit allows you to stream music, photos and videos from your PC, laptop or mobile phone to your TV!


Home Cinema Beginners

If you know you want excellent sound in your home, but you don’t feel like spending thousands of pounds, this Panasonic DVD Home Theatre System is a great entry-level kit for you to bring in to your home.  This system gives you a DVD player, as well as a compact 5.1-channel speaker set-up so you get that fabulous surround sound effect. Plus, as it has a USB memory stick slot on the DVD player, you can view JPEGs and DivX movies, as well as playing MP3s!

9th December 2011
Written by Very_Lauren