10 Money Saving Tips For January

We’ve all been moaning about POUNDS!  The amount of pounds we’ve put on our bodies over the Christmas break and how few pounds we have in our banks until January’s pay!  Pay day seems such a long way away so I’ve been thinking of some money saving ideas to get us through this hard month.  Some bills are fixed like our mortgages and rents but there are lots of ways you can cut back this month……..

1. Make Your Own Coffee!


Instead of spending £3 – £5 every day on a fancy coffees from the coffee shop on the way to work, why not make your own?  If you spend £3 a day on coffees, that adds up to approx £90 a month and £1100 a year from your salary!!   Sometimes spending a bit of money and investing in certain products can help you save money in the long run!  You could invest £169 in an espresso machine like the DeLongi Icona Espresso/Cappuccino Maker so you can make your own latte, pour it into a thermos flask, and enjoy it on your way to work! This is also a nice after-dinner treat to offer guests when they come to visit.

2. Take A Packed Lunch To Work

OK, I know it takes a bit of time in the morning or before you go to bed, but making a quick sandwich to take to work will save you money rather than going to fancy sandwich shops.  So stop being lazy and get some sandwich fillers, some nice bread and a roll of foil and get buttering!  This week I’ve been bringing my lunch to work and have saved quite a lot!  I’m impressed!  If you have no microwave or kitchen facilities where you work, and need something more try putting some soup in a flask to warm you up?

3. Cancel Unused Gym Memberships – Buy Fitness DVD!

I recently read that £37 million is wasted each year on unused gym memberships in the UK.  We all join the gym in January hoping to shift those extra pounds in time for the summer, but how many of us stick at it and actually get our money’s worth?  I suggest cancelling any unused gym memberships, especially if you keep saying you will ‘go next week’, be honest with yourself, it’s not going to happen!  Try finding a cheaper gym or a partner as you’re more likely to stick at it so you don’t let eachother down.

There’s lots of ways to get fit and cut back on the rubbish you have been eating over the Christmas period (at least all the quality streets have gone!)  Try running home from work (ok, jogging or fast walking is fine!), even walk or cycle to work (depending on how far you actually live from work!) take the stairs instead of the lift, buy a fitness dvd (even the old one from last year will do the trick) or even a fitness game for your kids xbox, wii or PS3 to get fit from home when they’ve gone to bed, there’s lots of cheap home fitness equipment you can buy and then there’s no excuses that you can’t be bothered going to the gym when it’s raining!

4. Car Share

Yes!  Car Share! Ask around the office, send a group email out.  You will be surprised about how many of your colleagues will join your new car sharing club.  Just imagine how much you would save in petrol and you might make some new work friends. 

5. Keep A Record Of Every Penny You’re Spending

When you’re on a budget it helps to write everything down that you’re spending, you will learn a lot and see how much you waste!  Look out for deals / money saving vouchers on the internet.  Shop around and maybe switch fuel providers.  Before you go to the supermarket, make a shopping list – ask yourself, do i really need this? And we all know it helps to have eaten before you go, so you’re not in a rush and end up throwing a load of rubbish into your trolley!  Look out for Happy Hour or Early Bird Deals for dinner, sometimes it works out cheaper than cooking!

6. Put The Lotto On!

We all know the old saying, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

7. Detox Your Wardrobe

Take some top tips from my friend Kirsty Drury’s Blog post to Detox Your Wardrobe.  As our VTeam fashion stylist, Kirsty will tell you everything you need to do to sort out your wardrobe.  You can also give some of your unwanted clothes to charity and even sell some of your clutter, maybe do a car boot sale or swap unwanted christmas presents with friends. 

8. Pamper Yourself

While popping to the salon or spa to get a manicure or pedicure is indeed a lovely treat, it can also start to add up very quickly! Sometimes giving yourself a pedicure or manicure can save yourself a lot of money, but there are bits of equipment like the MySpa Manicure Spa and MySpa Foot Spa that can help make your own home feel like a spa!  Very have lots of nail care products from false nails to nail polish to the new nail wraps.  DIY mani’s and pedi’s will save you a fortune and we all love a good girly pamper night in! 

9. Staying In Is The New Going Out

So it’s not going to kill you staying in this month and get the girls round with a bottle of vino!  All the bars and clubs will still be there next month!  You need a detox after Christmas anyway!  Arrange some swap parties with your friends to swap unwanted Christmas presents and items of clothing and swap dvds.  Think Pink Ladies nights in from Grease!

10. Create Your Own Bubbles Darling!

A friend of mine told me she did this and I was amay-zed!  She bought a Sodastream, bought a cheap bottle of wine and used it to create her own fizz!  That way you won’t feel like you’re skint when you’re having your girly night in, swapping your clothes with your friends as you will all be sipping your home-made champagne darlings!

So it’s a big High Five from me, and get saving those pennies!

Love Danielle x

11th January 2012
Written by Very_Lauren

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