Detox Your Wardrobe

Hang your clothes in colours

Come January and as regular as the winter sales are the masses of body detox articles in women’s mags. I usually read them and never ever do them, a bit like me making my New Year’s resolutions, but they do get me thinking about detoxing other areas of my life, like my wardrobe. The usual advice for a wardrobe cull is if you haven’t worn it for a year or two then bin it. Be ruthless. I don’t agree. If you have the space to store it and it’s still unworn, it’s vintage or it’s a classic and you absolutely love it and it still fits, then keep it. Fashion goes round in circles and the moment to wear it will come around again in time. I still regret selling some designer and high street clothing at Portobello Market a few years ago – in particular a soft black fitted leather biker jacket that I ended up buying another version of a year later.

To get yourself mentally in the throw zone I suggest starting with underwear, socks and tights. All those socks with threadbare heels and holey toes (trust me, you will NEVER darn them) and all those single socks the sock monster left behind can go in the bin. Check your tights and bin those that have too many snags in them. Get rid of any underwear where the dye has run, especially items that are now a tired shade of grey or a murky pink. Next, pull out anything you have worn before and not felt comfortable in, anything bobbly and too worn looking and anything where the colour has run in the wash, especially white jersey. It ages really quickly when it’s been in the washing machine a few times. If there are some things you are unsure of then get a second opinion from someone you trust and get them to look at your rear view too. It’s surprising how many outfits that look great from the front can look awful from behind. Onto shoes and it’s time to be honest with yourself, do those to die for skyscraper heels cripple your feet after an hour’s wear? Yes? Unless you’re planning to travel everywhere by taxi or limo in the future you need to bin them.

Now I’m saying bin them BUT the last thing I want to encourage is throwing things you no longer want in the bin to end up in landfill. All these tons and tons of ‘throwaway fashion’  are becoming a huge problem for the UK’s landfill sites. We are running out of space to dump all our unwanted stuff. What I encourage you to do is upcycle items by customising them or drop them at recycling bins and charity shops. Even better and more rewarding is to gift items to friends or get them to do a wardrobe detox too and host a girly swap shop evening.

The final stage of your detox is to pretty up what’s left in your wardrobe. I recommend a cull on all wire hangers – they are my pet hate (disgusting things) and will ruin any clothing you hang on them. Hang all jackets and coats on chunky hangers as they will look sooo much better. Rehang your clothes into colours working through the rainbow – it will look really inviting. Or you can hang your clothes in item order as I do on fashion shoots. It makes everything so easy to access when you are putting looks together and you don’t forget about anything. I usually order it from strappy cami tops through t-shirts to long sleeve tops followed by short to long sleeve shirts. Then I do hotpants, shorts, cropped pants through to full length trousers, mini skirts to maxi skirts followed by dresses from mini to maxi and finally jackets through to full length coats.

See where the gaps are and work the sales to your advantage by buying basics such as these knits, South Superfluff JumperSavoir Petite Super Soft Knitted V-Neck Jumper, and South Fine Knit Polo Neck Jumper.


Buy footwear in timeless styles and colours such as the Dune Salute Mary Jane Court Shoes, Ted Baker Svana Diamante Platform Shoe and Ugg Australia Finnegan Leather Ankle Boots.

Invest in coats with classic shapes. Coats are always a good sales buy and will be in your newly detoxed wardrobe for years to come.  Check out the South Utility Maxi Coat, Love Label Bow Detail Coat and the Vila Femina Coat.

Now your wardrobe and all the hard work are done why not reward yourself with the last of those Ferrero Rochers…….

Love Kirsty x

9th January 2012
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Mandytfu 10 April 2013

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[…] some top tips from my friend Kirsty Drury’s Blog post to Detox Your Wardrobe.  As our VTeam fashion stylist, Kirsty will tell you everything you need to do to sort out your […]