Everyone’s Going Mad For The Scouse Brow!

Celebrity beauty trends always cause a squeal of delight, whether they’re beautiful, bizarre, or downright bananas! One look we are loving at the moment is the Scouse Brow, demonstrated so well on Desperate Scousewives (yes, we’re addicted to that too!). Blonde glamourpuss Jodie from the show has shown exactly how cool this trend can look – but if you want to recreate it at home, follow our advice to make sure you’ve got perfect brows!

This unique beauty trend obviously has been popularised by the glamorous gals of Scousewives, but the heavy, natural looking eyebrow has been a hit on catwalks for the past few years. Like any other beauty trend, eyebrows go through different styles; from the thin, arching brows of 1920s film stars like Clara Bow, to the perfectly manicured and defined brows of the 50s, to the dark and heavy brows of 90s ‘glamazons’ like Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista. The Scouse Brow features a very dark, defined brow – much like the classic eyebrows seen on 1950s Hollywood actresses like Elizabeth Taylor – and has a clear ‘made up’ look to it, often in very dark brown or black shades.


The very first thing you need to do to ensure the perfect Scouse Brow is make sure your natural eyebrows are tidied up; this doesn’t mean overplucking, but just making sure you’ve got rid of any stray hairs in the centre and under the brow line. Use a pair of tweezers with a good grip and precision ends, like the Mister Mascara Precision Point Tweezers, and make sure you only pluck hairs from underneath the brow line, not above.

Once you’ve tidied up your existing brows, there’s a variety of options to colour and darken them. Although the classic Scouse Brow is very, very dark brown or black, you can also try the look with a lighter brown shade in order to create a more natural look. The Barry M Trio Eyeshadow 1-Golden Goddess is an ideal starter kit – use the lighter and darker brown shades to build up colour on your brows using a specialist brush like the Daniel Sandler Brow Filler Brush. This angled brush allows you to control the application of colour and create a defined shape across the whole brow.

If you’d prefer to go straight for a strong, black brow, then tread carefully – this requires a steady hand and a good dose of confidence. Use a traditional kohl pencil to build up the base colour with short, light strokes in the same direction as your eyebrow hairs: the Barry M Kohl Pencil  Black is perfect for this. If you fancy going the whole way and committing whole-heartedly to the Scouse Brow, why not look at getting your eyebrows tinted professionally? This is particularly useful if you have fair hair and want a bolder, darker look.

The Scouse Brow looks set to be a big beauty trend this year – follow our tips and you’re sure to look super cool and super fashionable too!

24th January 2012
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Jennie 27 January 2012

There is nothing natural looking about a ‘Scouse Brow’. Looking like a permanently surprised man is not a good image. Im from liverpool and people with ‘scouse brows’ are pointed at in the street!

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