Exclusive Interview From Madonna’s Premiere of W.E.

Madonna, The Queen of Pop, revealed it took 10 years of research to make her new movie W.E. and as it had it’s second premiere in London (the first was during last year’s London Film Festival), her Mad-jesty appeared radiant. Maybe that’s partly because of her outfit, but she must have been hugely relieved to actually finish the film!

W.E is a love story about Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson and although Madonna didn’t have a man with her at the premiere, she did reveal she hadn’t given up hope of finding Mr Right. The twice married singer confessed: “Every girl wants to be swept off their feet by a knight in shining armour. Even sophisticated, educated women think Mr Right will sweep us off our feet.” Bless!

Several actresses were cast and replaced in the quest to find a Wallis Simpson but it was 30 year old British actress Andrea Riseborough (above) who saw the challenging role through to completion. Very exclusively caught up with her to learn more about her and talk fashion and style.

VERY: Do you feel pressure to buy lots of designer labels?

ANDREA: “Actually, I spend more money on books. I’d rather have affordable clothing and more books.”

VERY: You’re living in Idaho now. How does British fashion differ from US fashion?

ANDREA: The Americans are a lot more relaxed. In the UK there is pressure to be smart all the time and I prefer dressing down in jeans.”

VERY: Any tips for dressing up for an important event like a premiere?

ANDREA: “If you’re comfortable in your dress then you’ll feel happy. I don’t  actually like getting dressed up. It’s hard because as a woman, as an actor, the whole world wants you to enjoy dressing up. That’s my life every day. If I look at clothes, I get excited about them as tools.”

VERY: Any wardrobe malfunctions?

ANDREA: “Once I wore a kung-fu T-shirt for a photoshoot about up-and-coming actors. I cringe.”

VERY: Do you have any style icons?

ANDREA: “Not yet. But Marc Bolan was headed in the right direction.”

Surely Madonna is a style icon? At the premiere she looked incredible in a black maxi dress and lace cape. The tie of the cape round her neck was an interesting detail, brilliant at drawing the eye upwards to Madonna’s age-defying face and bright red pout. If you’re not confident about wearing a dress then adding this sort of detail will distract attention away from problem areas. However, black is a flattering colour anyway as it has a real slimming effect. A couple of the most popular black maxi dresses at Very are the  Elements/Amanda Wakeley Embellished Halter Neck Maxi and the South Pull On Maxi Dress. The necklace style appeal of the Amanda Wakeley dress is stunning!

Earlier in the day, for a pre-record of the Graham Norton chat show Madonna impressed us with a blue satin knee length dress. If you like that try the Teatro Satin Panelled Short Sleeve Dress.

W.E is at cinemas from 13 January. Check it out and judge for yourself!

Love Zoe x

13th January 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin