Exclusive Interview: Paloma Faith At Cirque

As the spectacular circus show Totem by Cirque Du Soleil had it’s premiere at The Royal Albert Hall, it was hard to work out what was better – the choreography of the show or the outfits the stars wore to the opening night. The celebrities showed no sign of the January blues and went to maximum effort to dress up for the occasion!

Very managed to get an exclusive interview with singer Paloma Faith, whose platinum-selling album Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful is available to buy at Very. However, it was clear new reality TV star Frankie Esssex from The Only Way Is Essex, newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky and TV presenter Donna Air had also tried hard to look especially glamorous for the first major celebrity party of 2012.Want to know how you could look as stylish as Paloma? Read our mini interview below:


VERY: What is your personal style?

PALOMA:”I have two different ones. The first is a forties Hollywood-inspired, vintage pin-up vibe that I’ve been wearing for seven years. As soon as I became a teenager it became obvious that my body suited this type of tailoring, I have a big bum and a small waist! The other is a little bit comical and more contemporary, and it’s only really developed since I’ve had access to crazy clothes. Sometimes a stylist will bring round mad clothes and I can’t resist.”

VERY: Who are your style icons?

PALOMA: “Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Grace Jones, Bjork and Dita Von Teese; they represent different sides of my fashion personality. To me a great style icon is someone who doesn’t take fashion too seriously, someone prepared to take risks and wear mad things. I love it when clothes look like art. Some of the dresses I wear look like pieces of sculpture.”

VERY:What does your wardrobe look like?

PALOMA: “I don’t have a wardrobe at all, just lots of rails in my bedroom and living room with clothes organised into rainbow colours. Friends come round to see me and sit among all my hats and crazy clothes.”

VERY: Do you have one favourite piece you wear all the time?

PALOMA: “Now it’s winter I’ve started wearing last year’s coat. It’s hooded with fake fur all around, very tight at the waist and then flares out. I look like little red riding hood.”

VERY: Do you ever have a day where you just want to put on a tracksuit?

PALOMA: “I always swore blind I wouldn’t wear them. Now I work so hard and get so tired I just give in to it and think ‘No-one will see me today.’ But you can wear a tracksuit with amazing high heels, I saw Penelope Cruz wear that at a radio interview once.”

It’s great that Paloma lightens up a dull January day in her maxi dress. A similarly bold and attention grabbing maxi dress at Very is the Coleen ethnic printed maxi dress. Be loud and proud!

Also, it wasn’t just Paloma who chose bright colours for the VIP event at The Royal Albert Hall in London. One of the newest stars of The Only Way Is Essex, appropriately named Frankie Essex, dressed up in an orange bandeau dress and nude accessories and looked gorgeous. Frankie exclusively told us one of her dreams is to start designing her own clothes. Well, she certainly seems to have good taste so far…

If you’re impressed by this, we suggest the new South bandeau dress with some pretty  South albatross peep toe court shoes and the stunning new Snakeskin colour block clutch bag

Now the first celebrity occasion of the year may be over, but let’s hope there are lots more events for the stars to dress up for soon. There’s no better way to lift the back to work blues than to look at the glamorous outfits worn by the stars and see there are ways we can all look like them…

7th January 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin