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One of the fabulous things about technology is how many beautiful and useful products there are.

Never mind “need” or “sensible”, technology is very much like fashion in the sense that, no, you may not *need* a new shiny phone, and, no, buying a new pair of headphones isn’t a *necessity*, but gosh darn it you want to buy it anyway. Much like that beautiful pair of shoes you keep looking at online, but won’t let yourself buy!

Here are some beautiful, shiny, new, and fabulous bits of technology that you’ll definitely want to add to your wishlist!

Samsung MV800 16 Megapixel Digital Camera

This camera is fantastic, because you can take photos from new different perspectives as it has a large, flip-out display which allows you to see what you’re taking a photo of, even with the camera held high up or down below your line of sight. Even better, it has a variety of different editing and creative features, including 3D photos!

Apple MC966B/A MacBook Air 13.3 inch

If you’re constantly lugging your laptop to and from work, on planes and trains, you know having a heavy laptop is a pain. Literally. The Macbook Air is light, sturdy, powerful, and really the king of thin laptops. It doesn’t get much better than this. (Think of it as an investment piece.)

DR DRE Monster Beats Tour Control Talk

If you’re tired of wearing those standard, white earphones that come with your iPod or iPhone, it’s time to upgrade. Nothing is worse than uncomfortable earphones that don’t do your music justice, and I don’t want to go as far to say that these DR DRE earphones will change your life – but they might. They’re that good.

Nokia CC-1031 Lumia 800 Soft Case

Now, obviously, you’ll only need this if you have a Nokia Lumia N800, but I love this case. It’s a gorgeous colour (it also comes in blue, black and white) that will protect your phone from getting scratched. An added bonus is that the way it fits on to your phone makes the phone look as though it’s a different colour, and not just wearing a case.

Love Cate x

18th January 2012
Written by Very_Lauren

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