My Favourite Fitness Games

We’re now in the second week of January, and if you’re finding it difficult to get up early and head outside for a run or a trip down to the gym, there may be an easier way for you to get fit!  Using fitness games on your Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii, you can work out in the comfort of your own home. While it may seem that doing fitness games is a bit easier than actually going to the gym, trust me, these will definitely give you a full body work-out!

Here are my favourite fitness games:

Nintendo Wii Zumba Fitness 2

With five different game modes and 32 new routines and music tracks, this is a fun and entertaining way to get fit! There are different difficulty levels depending on how Zumba-familiar you are, and this game even has 3D models of the instructors so it feels even more “real”.

XBOX 360 Kinect Your Shape Fit Evolved 2012

The sequel to the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved game, this new game is sure to get you fit! From zen classes to boxing, Latin dancing and boot camp, doing fitness games on the Kinect means that there isn’t any way to cheat, and you have to do the moves 100% correct as, well, the Kinect can see you! You will definitely work up a sweat and burn off plenty of calories playing this game.

Nintendo Wii Just Dance 3

If doing yoga or running on a treadmill doesn’t seem like an enjoyable way to get fit, maybe dancing will tickle your fancy! Just Dance 3 has dance routines set to songs from the likes of Katy Perry and The Black Eyed Peas, and there are over 49 songs to dance away the calories to!

XBOX 360 Kinect Get Fit With Mel B Kinect

Sometimes working out along to a fitness DVD can be a bit more inspiring than following the instructions from someone you’re unfamiliar with, and working out with Mel B aka Scary Spice might be just the inspiration you need! With a combination of dance fit, cardio, kickboxing and many more disciplines with more than 100 tailored routines, this game may be just what you’re looking for to help your new fitness regime!

Love Cate x

15th January 2012
Written by Very_Lauren