National TV Awards Interview: Dr Who Star Karen Gillan

Playing a TV sidekick is a hard role for any actress but Karen Gillan showed the hard work was worth it as she picked up Best Actress at the National TV Awards. There was no trace of hiding away on the red carpet either as Karen embraced her own unique style and turned up in a tunic dress and brogues. Most actresses tend to wear maxi dress to an awards ceremony so Karen really stood out. Sometimes having the confidence to know what suits you rather than following the crowd really pays off.

Very was lucky to chat to Karen exclusively on the red carpet. Find out what she likes to wear in our mini interview below.

VERY: You’re known for modeling as well as acting, what do you prefer?

KAREN: Acting. Absolutely acting. I never cared about modelling. As a model you’re powerless. As an actor you know what you’re signing up for and that means you sort of know what wardrobe you’ll be wearing.”

VERY: What kind of clothing do you like to wear?

KAREN:  “I’ve always loved vintage clothes and I love the 60s, but not just the fashion of the 60s – the whole sense of change, of revolution. And that’s what’s so interesting about my next TV show, We’ll Take Manhattan, which is the story of David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton. Together they kind of changed the face of fashion.”

VERY: Has your own fashion sense been influence by the film?

KAREN: “Absolutely. It’s gotten a little better. I love wearing tunic dresses.”

VERY: Do you spend a lot on fashion?

KAREN: “I’ve always been interested in clothes but when I started Doctor Who I just wore a lot of cheap vintage dresses. I would feel guilty about spending on a designer dress so if I wanted to wear designer clothes for an event I had to work with stylists just to get access to the clothes. Recently it’s become a little bit easier for me to borrow. I’m really lucky, but if it doesn’t work out I am happy in my vintage dresses.”

VERY: Finally, have you ever had any wardrobe malfunctions?

KAREN: “On the Set of We’ll Take Manhattan we had to film Winter scenes in Summer. It was beyond boiling hot. I was the hottest I’ve ever been in my entire life. In the scene I had to look like I’m shivering on Brooklyn Bridge but in reality I was surrounded by a huge crowd and they were shouting out and taking pictures. They were feet away from me and then some joggers were shouting ‘You’re blocking the way, where’s your permit? Hell!”

Thankfully the NTAs went a lot more smoothly and Karen’s Dr Who co-star Matt Smith won the award for Best Actor. Well done, guys! If you’d like a winningly different party outfit that’s inspired by Karen Gillan’s vintage style then you can get a similar coloured dress at Very in the South linen crochet neck dress. It will show off your legs but not your cleavage as less is more when it comes to vintage. Team with some Lola tailored brogues for true preppy chic style.

Karen’s TV show We’ll Take Manhattan about the relationship between 60s model Jean Shrimpton and photographer David Bailey is on BBC4 on Thursdays from 26 January.

Love Zoe x

26th January 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin