New Home Trends

After the Christmas Decorations are down, everywhere seems a bit bare and many of us will soon start thinking about what we would like our homes to look like in the coming year, so we’ve picked out four home trends and show you how to get the look.

50s Kitsch

We love all things vintage. We love the retro styling, the vibrant contrasts of colours and the artistic styles, so we love this 50s Kitsch collection.

No matter which room you want to add a bit of 50’s kitsch to, it’s all about vibrant colours and retro styles. Just take a look at this Sheldon Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set, this Marlena Applique Cushion and this Marlene Wall Art Duo to see exactly what we mean – bright blues, greens and retro floral styling are all very much what we are looking for here!  Complete that 50’s feel with some cool accessories that really capture the decade. We especially like some of the wall art in this range, particularly the Ada leaf metal wall art and the Love Metal wall art.

Sahara Reds

It might be winter outside, but why bring those blues indoors? Add a warm touch to your home with our fiery Sahara Reds collection.

The Sahara Reds collection is about bringing deep, warm colours, such as the fiery red from this corner group sofa, 5-piece sunset split canvas wall art and velvet flame stitch cushion, with colours and styles that look like they could have come straight from Africa.  Take, for example, the simplistic yet functional styling of the Dakota widescreen TV unit or the Dakota 8 drawer coffee table. Finished in Indian mango wood, the deep colour really works with the passionate reds, and the Water Hyacinth vase and chests in a natural finish really do complete the look.

Green & Black

If alpine retreats or just some quirky, vibrant styles are more to your liking, then you’ll love our contemporary Green and Black range.

If the Sahara collection is all about deep reds contrasting with bold dark colours, then the Green & Black collection is all about funky greens and blacks to create a strong natural feel.  The theme is very much about the great outdoors with this collection, as is evident by artwork like this forest canvas and soft furnishings like this Acacia luxury wool rug and green leaf cushion.  Black furnishings, be it this Moda leather sofa or the Ibiza five-door wardrobe really do work with the vibrancy of the green.


If you’re looking to really add some colour and some sparkle to your home, then you’re also in luck. Experiment with some striking colour clashes with the Bejewelled range.

Whilst most colour co-ordination involves taking a bright, bold colour and then adding a softer, neutral colour to compliment it, this Bejewelled collection is all about taking bold colours and making them work together.  In this case, blue and purple are very much at the heart of the collection, with a few jewels thrown in to add a touch of glam. Much of this collection comes from leading designer Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen so you can expect elegance and glamour – just take a look at his midnight bedroom to see what we mean!

Firstly, you have the Midnight at the Oasis Duvet Cover Set but to compliment that, you also have the Midnight at the Oasis round cushion, pillowcases, boudoir cushion and bed runner – everything you need to make your bed fit for a queen!

21st January 2012
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Very_Danielle 25 January 2012

Hi Sue, sorry but the beautiful teal diamonte bedding and bedside chest will be available to buy on the site tomorrow. I love it too 🙂 x

Posted by: Sue 22 January 2012

I love the beautiful teal diamonte bedding and bedside chest, but they are not available to buy. What is the point advertising them if you cant buy them???