New Year, New Me?

I feel like I’ve been in a carb-coma for about a week now and my clothes must have been shrunk in the wash because they certainly don’t fit the way they did before Christmas! I think it might be time for a little exercise and with so many of us with a new years resolution of  ‘New Year, New Me’ time I’m dedicating this post to home exercising….

One of the easiest ways to fight the flab at home is with a workout DVD like this High Street TV Zumba Fitness DVD Workout Pack.  Since arriving in the US in 1999, Zumba has become one of the fastest-growing, dance-based fitness crazes in the world, with people of all ages falling in love with its infectious music, easy-to-follow dance moves and body-beautifying benefits. This Zumba Fitness workout pack includes 6 exhilarating workouts on 4 DVDs, as well as a Total Body Transformation guide and bonus toning sticks to aid your exercise.

If you need a little competition to get you motivated then how about starting your own table tennis tournament in the comfort of your home with this great Butterfly 6ft Table Tennis Table Top?! This 6ft table tennis top, in a stylish Green colour comes complete with accessories so all you have to do is get going.

If you prefer to target a specific area this High Street TV Pro-Form Ab Glider could be just the exercise companion you’re looking for. Made from gym quality steel the Glider features an onboard LCD display computer that tracks your progress by counting reps, time and calories burned. It also comes with an Absolute Abs DVD, 3 Minute Results DVD and a nutritional guide.

Now this unremarkable looking little gadget reminds me of something from my school days, but it’s actually a very sophisticated Reebok Train Pod. Designed to work muscles you never knew you had the Air Pod provides instability to help enhance muscle activation. So you simply inflate the pod to various levels to tailor the intensity of your workout and it also includes a free DVD.

If you’re really a gym-bunny at heart then this is the ultimate piece of at home equipment, the Marcy Multigym MP2500. The MP2500 is a space saving multigym with 45kg vinyl weight stack. It is both stunning and innovative plus it’s the first Marcy gym to incorporate a low pulley station at the side of the gym to save exercise space. It features a chest press station as well as pectoral butterfly station, leg developer and high pulley station. 2 x 2 3/4 in heavy duty tube frame and 2in round steel press arms make the MP2500 not only sleek but also extremely reliable.

Phew, just thinking about all that is making me break out into a sweat. Maybe I’ll ease myself into this exercising regime slowly. Someone pass me another sausage roll please…..

3rd January 2012
Written by Very_Lauren